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* Overview

*Apply for a visa as a partner or spouse

* Apply for a visa as a parent

*Apply for a visa as a child

*Applying for a visa as an adult coming to the UK to be cared for by relatives

* Apply for a visa based on your personal life

* Knowledge of English

* Provide proof of income


Provide proof of income

You and your partner must have a total income of at least 6 18,600 a year, if:

  • Apply for a visa as a partner.
  • You plan to receive permanent residence within 5 years (receiving “unlimited residence”).

If you have children who do not meet the following requirements, you must also prove that you have extra income:

  • British citizen.
  • Citizen of EEA countries.
  • Permanent residence.

You must have additional income as follows:

  • pounds 3,800 for the first child.
  • pounds 2400 per child after the first child.

This condition is called “minimum income requirements”.

You may be able to replace your savings with income.

How to prove your income depends on how you earn it.

What counts as income?

You and your partner can use the following:

  • Employment income before tax and national insurance (check your P60 or pay slip). You can only use your income if you earn it in the UK.
  • Earnings earned through self-employment or as a managing director of a limited liability company in the UK. Check the self-assessment tax return.
  • Cash savings over 000 16,000.
  • Money from the pension.
  • Non-working income. For example, rental property or dividends.

If you use self-employment or employment income, it must be proven that you or your partner have been earning this income for 6 months or more.

Example: You earn pounds 18,000 from working for a permanent employer for 6 months or more.

What evidence do you need to prove your income?

You must send proof of your income with your visa application. If you or your partner are employed, you can also submit the following documents:

  • A bank statement that shows your income and that of your partner.
  • Legal slip for 6 months.
  • A letter from the employer, dated and prepared on the letterhead of the company.

The employer letter must confirm the following:

  • You or your partner are hiring an employer.
  • Your job title or your partner.
  • Duration of your employment or your partner with the employer.
  • Type of contract (eg, permanent contract, temporary contract).
  • Your income or your partner before tax deduction and national insurance.
  • How long has your current income or that of your partner been maintained?
  • The pay slips are real.

When applying for a visa online, you will be told exactly what documents you need to submit.

Read the detailed guide if you have the following conditions:

  • Your income and that of your partner are unknown.
  • You or your partner have taken maternity leave in the last 6 months.
  • You want to combine different sources of income.

The detailed guide explains what evidence you need to submit for each type of income you rely on.

If you do not have the ability to meet the minimum income requirements

If you plan to become a permanent resident within the next 5 years, you must be able to earn the minimum income to be able to obtain this type of visa.

If you do not qualify for income, you may be able to receive permanent residency for 10 years.

When you do not need to be eligible for income

Under one of the following conditions, you may be able to obtain permanent residence within 5 years without qualifying for income:

  • Apply for a visa as a parent.
  • You get certain benefits. For example, financial aid for people with disabilities.

You need to show that you and your family have enough money to support and equip your life without relying on government support. Inspectors consider housing assets and expenses.

Information you need to provide

You will need to provide the necessary information and some evidence to apply for your visa. The information should include your details and those of any of the dependents for whom you are applying for a visa at the same time.

You must declare and submit the following information and documents:

  • Names of all people
  • Date of birth
  • Current passport or other travel identification documents.
  • Copies of the photo page or any page with a previous visa entry stamp.
  • A copy of the biometric residence permit.
  • Details of any previous immigration application.
  • Details of any criminal convictions.
  • If you have national insurance, you need that number.
  • If you are applying for a visa outside the UK, your parents’ date of birth and nationality are required.
  • Official translation of any document that is not in English or Welsh.

If you are applying for a visa outside the UK, you must have a white page to apply for a visa.

You must have an email address to apply for a visa online.

You must also provide evidence to prove the following:

  • Financial situation
  • English language level in terms of comprehension and conversation.

You may need to provide additional documentation depending on your circumstances. For example, a form of financial support from family members in the UK.

You can send photocopies of documents such as your bank statement or academic qualifications. You must send your original passport or original travel identification document.

When you apply for a visa, you will be informed where to send your documents.

Profile of your partner

If you have a partner, you will be asked about the following information:

  • name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport
  • The right to stay in the UK, for example, are British citizens.

You should also provide information on the following:

  • People who have ever been your partner through marriage or cohabitation.
  • In case of separation, submit a divorce certificate.
  • Introducing people receiving a pension from the spouse, for example parents.

Proof of relationships

If you are applying for a visa as a spouse or partner, you will be asked about the following:

  • Your relationship with your partner, for example, how you met each other, and how often you meet.
  • How long have you lived together? You need to provide evidence such as a city tax bill.
  • Joint financial payments.
  • Are you your partner’s nurse?

Your previous partner

You must provide information about each person you have previously married or shared children with. Includes evidence of the termination of the marriage, for example a divorce certificate.


If you have a child, both husband and wife must provide their details.

All of your children will be asked, even if they have not applied for a visa.

You must provide the necessary information about the children as follows:

  • name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Passport details
  • Who does your child live with?
  • Introduce the person who is in charge of your child. For example, the stepfather.
  • How much do you play a role in their daily lives?
  • What are the conditions for meeting a child? For example, what is the access granted by the court?
  • Introducing the second degree relatives of the child.
  • What countries has your child visited or lived in?

Your life outside the UK

You should provide details about the following:

  • Countries other than the UK that you have visited or lived in.
  • Introduce the country where you and your family and even your friends were born and have that nationality.

After applying for a visa

If you have an urgent need for your documents after applying for a visa, you can apply for your documents. In this case, you may also have to cancel your visa application.

Provide fingerprints and photos

If you have applied for a visa in the UK, you will receive a letter asking you to provide your fingerprint and photo (“Biometric Information”).

If your visa application is accepted

You will receive a biometric residence permit. in this case:

you can:

  • Work
  • Study

Once you have applied for a marriage visa to extend your stay, you will no longer be able to apply for a work or study visa.

You can not:

  • Usually you can not use the benefits and other government budgets for yourself or other affiliates.
  • You cannot apply for permanent residence in the UK unless you are eligible.
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