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Provincial programs (pnp) continue to provide ways to stay permanently in Canada

هدف طرح مهاجرت به کانادا در سال 2020

Even at a time when the corona virus is epidemic, Canadian provinces are still holding lotteries to invite immigrant candidates to apply for provincial candidate programs for permanent residency in Canada.

Many provincial candidate programs across Canada continue to work to bring immigrant candidates closer to their preferred permanent residency status.

Provincial Candidate Programs (PNPs) offer more options for immigrating to Canada for foreign nationals who have worked or studied in the province, and in some cases for those who do not even have both.

Despite temporary travel restrictions in Canada due to the Corona virus, most PNPs still hold invitations.


اونتاریو کانادا

Over the past few weeks, the Ontario Immigration Candidate Program (OINP) has held three lotteries. Entrepreneurs, French speakers and businessmen in certain job positions have been targeted in these lotteries, all of which took place in late April.

So far in 2020, Ontario has issued Notice of Interest (NOIs) known as the following “Invitations”:

  • 1440 Main applicant through the Human Capital Priorities Program.
  • 549 through the flow of skilled French-speaking labor; And
  • 190 items through the flow of professional jobs.

The province has also published its PNP results from 2019, which show that most candidates have been sent to cases that have a profile on the Federal Express Entry System. They also nominated more applicants than last year who were nominated by the federal government. Finally, 7,391 main applicants, 6,340 spouses and dependents were brought to Ontario in 2019 with a total of 13,731 new immigrants.

The number assigned to the federal government’s 2020 candidate programs for Ontario has not yet been released.

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آخرین تغییرات در سیستم مهاجرت انگلستان2020

The Alberta Immigrant Candidate Program (AINP) has held eight lotteries this year, three of which are after the Corona virus.

The Alberta Express Entry, run by AINP, has invited Federal Express Entry candidates with a minimum score of 300 registered in the Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) to apply for provincial nomination. The Alberta Immigrant Candidate Program (AINP) has held eight lotteries this year, three of which are after the Corona virus.

The Alberta Express Entry, run by AINP, has held a raffle by inviting Federal Express Entry candidates with a minimum score of 300 registered in the Comprehensive Rating System (CRS).

If invited, they will receive an additional 600 CRS points relative to their overall score, which effectively guarantees their success in applying for an ITA in an Express Entry lottery.

The AINP has also taken special action on the corona virus, giving volunteers more flexibility to submit their programs. Although the AINP is still holding the lottery, they are currently selecting only candidates who are currently living and working in Alberta.


ساسکاچوان کانادا

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Candidate Program (SINP) has held five lotteries this year, inviting candidates for the Express Entry program and job applications. Candidates in these categories must register to express their interest in order to be eligible.

The lottery, which began after travel restrictions began due to the Corona virus, targeted jobseekers who invited 205 people in 71 jobs to apply.

As part of the special measures for the coronavirus, SINP candidates can now apply for a six-month extension of permanent residency by the federal government.

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British Columbia

بریتیش کلمبیا

The British Columbia Provincial Candidate Program (BC PNP) continues to hold regular lotteries, inviting candidates for job offers in the province, especially those working in the technology sector.

British Columbia holds weekly specialist job draws and invites candidates who have offered 29 jobs and are eligible to apply for a provincial nominee.

Some weeks, candidates selected through the Experts Program are also invited to the British Columbia Skills Immigration and Express Entry courses. On March 30th and April 16th, certain jobs were removed from the lottery in response to the coronavirus-related actions in the province.


مانیتوبا کانادا

The Manitoba Provincial Candidate Program (MPNP) has held three lotteries since the travel restrictions were imposed on March 18, and has drawn nine since the beginning of the year.

Manitoba The lottery regularly invites candidates to Manitoba Skilled Workforce, Skilled Overseas Workforce and International Education Immigration Categories. In each round of their invitation, they also invite several candidates for the Express Entry system.

The MPNP has so far issued 1,808 letters of recommendation (LAA) to immigration candidates in these categories this year.

Nova Scotia

مهاجرت به نوا اسکوشیا کانادا

The Nova Scotia Provincial Candidate Program (NSPNP) held its first lottery of the year on April 27. Candidates for the French-language Express Entry were invited to apply to the provincial candidate for this term.

These Express Entry candidates needed all of their French language skills, such as speaking, reading, writing, and listening, to a Canadian Language Standard (CLB) score of 8. They also needed a minimum score of 6 in all areas of English language proficiency in the CLB.

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