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Transfer visa within the UK Grade 2 Company

درخواست افراد ماهر ایرانی به کانادا

A UK 2nd Grade Transfer Visa is a UK work visa, which allows a company’s employees and graduate trainees to enter the UK by transferring to the UK branch of the company where they work.

What is a UK Grade ICT Visa?

An intra-corporate transition visa is a work visa in the UK for the skilled workforce of a multinational corporation in a foreign country where the person has worked for such companies for at least one year. They expect the parent company to relocate to its UK branch.

Recent graduate employers with at least 3 months of experience in a multinational company in a foreign country expect to be able to apply for this visa by transferring to the UK branch of the same company. Such training should help them advance their current career position as a manager or specialist to make them successful.

Who needs a UK 2nd Grade Transfer Visa?

Citizens of countries that do not have a visa-free travel agreement with the UK are required to apply for aUK second-class transfer visa. For information on these countries, see Who Needs a UK Visa
The job position in which the candidate is expected to work must be such that it is not filled by the workforce of the European Union and the EEA.

What are the types of 2nd degree ICT visas?

فعال بودن شرکت در خارج انگلستان

Based on the job you will have in your current employer branchin the UK, there are two types of UK second-class transfer visas and a UK work visa in this regard:

  • Grade 2 ICTvisa for long-term employees.
  • Grade 2 ICTvisa for graduate trainee.

Attention: UK 2nd Grade Transfer Visa (UK Work Visa) Not available for short-term employees as of April 6, 2017 for new applications.

What are the prerequisites for applying for a 2nd degree ICT visa?

The following factors determine your eligibility to apply for a UK Class 2 Transfer Visa:

  • Meet the general requirements for a UK visa refusal.
  • Certificate of Financial Support (CoS) from a sponsor with a Grade 2 license. The employer must be a multinational corporation.
  • The job must have successfully passed the Resident Labor Market Test.
  • Appropriate annual salary. Your proposed annual salary should be at least 15 41,500 (as long-term employees) or at a reasonable rate for such long-term jobs, whichever is higher. Or have an annual salary of at least 000 23,000 (as a graduate intern) or a reasonable rate for such postgraduate training, whichever is higher.
  • Suitable job position. The job offered to you must be at level 6 of the RQF or at level 4 of the RQF in the creative department.
  • Your employer’s rights to support you. The multinational company that sponsors your transfer to their UK branch must be among the sponsors of the 2nd degree license.
  • Certificate of financial support. You must not apply for this visa with a CoS issued 3 months or earlier than the scheduled date for your visa application.
  • Real vacancy. The job position you expect to get should be a key position and the sponsor should be qualified to provide services or products resulting from such positions.
  • Financial capacity required. Without having to rely on the UK general budget, you should have enough money to live and stay in the UK.
  • Age prerequisites. To start college, you must be age-appropriate, which means you must be at least 18 years old when you receive your visa, or 18 years old during your visa.
نیروی کار با دسمزد بالا

What can I do in the UK with a Grade 2 ICT visa?

Activities that you can do in the UK with a 2nd degree ICT visa are:

  • Get a job with a supplementary salary if:
  • It is the same job position that is your main supported job
  • The workload in such work should not exceed 20 hours per week.
  • Be among the shortage of jobs in the UK.
  • Do unpaid activities as a volunteer.
  • Study as long as there is no interference with your visa purpose.
  • Participate in a master’s course.
  • Travel outside the UK during the period for which your visa is valid.
  • Bring your dependent family members to the UK.
  • Transfer to another job position in the same company (sponsor).

What am I not allowed to do in the UK with a 2nd degree ICT visa?

Activities that you are not allowed to do in the UK with a Grade 2 ICT visa include:

  • Use of the UK public budget or other public benefits.
  • Change ICT Grade 2 visa to other visa categories.
  • Getting a second job, outside of a 2nd degree ICT visa policy.
استخدام کارمندان مورد نیاز برای شروع کار

How to apply for a UK 2nd Grade Transfer Visa (Work Visa)?

Depending on where you applied at the time of application, there are two main types of application for a Grade 2 ICT visa:

Grade 2 ICTvisa application from abroad

If, for reasons of this visa policy, you intend to enter the UK from a country outside the EEA, you must apply for a 2nd degree ICT visa from a foreign country.

The process of processing a UK second-class transfer visa application is the same as for other UK visas. When applying from outside the UK, you must apply through an online office service in your home country. In addition, you must submit proof of financial support to the address specified in the online form. To receive this visa, a maximum of 3 months have passed from the time of receiving your financial support certificate to the time of starting your job

You can finally arrive in the UK 14 days before the start date of your visa, as indicated on your sponsorship certificate. As part of the application, you must submit your biometric information to the Visa Application Center 10 days after arrival in the UK.

Apply for a 2nd degree ICTvisa from within the UK

If you are applying for a 2nd degree ICT visa extension or applying to change your visa to a 2nd degree ICT visa, you must submit your application long enough before your current visa expires.

Grade 2 ICT visa extension

You can apply for an extension of your current Grade 2 ICT visa from within the UK. This is only possible if your reason for staying in the UK is to continue working for your current sponsor.

To apply for a renewal or change of job position in the Grade 2 Intra-Company Transfer Visa classification, you must use the online office’s online application service. You must send the necessary documents to extend the visa to the address specified in the online form.

You must also provide biometric information as part of the application.

با ویزا ICT درجه 2 مجاز به انجام چه کارهایی در انگلستان هستم؟

Change to Visa Transfer within the UK Grade 2 Company

You can apply for a change of your current valid foreign trade visa to a Grade 2 Intermediate Transfer Visa (a subset of long-term employees) without having to leave the UK. This will only be possible if you work for the same sponsor you currently have.

Applying for a 2nd degree ICT visa conversion from other visas is also known as applying for another LR.

How long can I stay in the UK with a 2nd degree transfer visa?

The period you will be allowed to live and work in the UK depends entirely on your type of financial support:

  • Term of employment contract plus 2 calendar weeks.
  • Maximum 5 years, plus 1 calendar month (depending on the start date of the sponsorship certificate).
  • Up to 5 years, for salaries below 00 120,000, and up to 9 years, for salaries up to 12 120,000 or more. This takes into account the duration of the initial visa, the full duration of the visa.
  • If you are a graduate trainee: Maximum 1 calendar year. This includes the full duration of the visa, from the time of the initial visa.

If any of the above criteria is shorter, it is considered as the length of stay in the UK.

Prerequisites for 2nd degree intra-corporate transfer visa

  • Comply with the general requirements of the UK visa application.
  • Achieve 50 points for Grade 2 ICT features. This is 30 points for having a valid certificate and eligibility to support your employer. While, there are 20 more points to get your proper salary.
  • Earn at least 10 points for your livelihood. You have to prove that you 9 945 and 30 630 for each of your dependents (if you use these people).
  • Certificate of sponsorship from an A.-rated sponsor must commit to sponsoring your living expenses.
  • Official bank statements showing that you have enough cash with you. This must cover the period of 90 days before applying for the visa. This includes temporary bank statements and electronic banking statements printed on a letterhead or fixed bank station.
  • Confirmation letter in order to have enough personal savings in cash. You must keep this amount of money for at least 90 consecutive days.
  • Unconditional written consent of the sponsor.
  • Have a clear criminal record.
  • Having TB test results (if you are from a country where you need to get tested before coming to the UK).
پیش نیاز های ویزا انتقال درون شرکتی درجه 2

Special prerequisites for extending a 2nd degree in-house transfer visa

  • New certificate of financial support for renewal.
  • Work for the same employer you worked for when you received your last visa (such a visa must be either through a third-party transfer, long-term employees, or a visa as a foreign trade representative).
  • Register with the police (if eligible).

Special prerequisites for handling second-tier in-house transfers

  • Biometric information. You need to take a photo of yourself and scan your fingerprint.
  • You need to take a photo of yourself and scan your fingerprint.
  • Pay the appropriate visa application fee.
  • ATAS certification (if you expect to take a graduate course and need to provide one).

How long does it take to make a decision on a 2nd degree ICT visa?

The application processing time is usually 3 months to apply for a second-class transfer visa from abroad.

It takes 8 weeks to process your application to extend your 2nd degree ICT visa or change another visa to it, if you use the priority service, the processing time is a maximum of 10 weeks, while if you use a premium service , You will receive the result on the same day of the request.

Applying for a Residence Permit (ILR) in ICT Grade 2 will be decided by your home office within 6 months of your application.

- ویزا توریست و بازدید کننده

Affiliates in UK 2nd Grade Transfer Visa (Work Visa)

As a dependent member of the candidate family or holder of a 2nd degree intra-corporate transfer visa, you can accompany them during their stay in the UK. If their relationship with you is one of the following, they can submit their request as your affiliates.

  • Your spouse
  • Be your partner We are not married or your gay partner from a long-term relationship.
  • Your child must be under 18 years of age at the time of application, or 18 years of age or older applying for LR or ILR from the UK.

Requirements for dependents holding a 2nd degree ICT visa

Requirements for your partner to apply for a Miscon license inICT Grade 2:

  • Proof that his / her dependent partner has a 2nd degree ICT visa.
  • Evidence of your relationship with your partner.
  • Certificates of marriage or civil partnership.
  • Bank statements.
  • Council tax bill.
  • Medical registration certificate.
  • Functional bills
  • Proof of permanent residence in the UK from your partner.
  • Proof of intention to create a permanent life together.
  • Prove your financial capacity to support yourself and your partner.
  • Evidence that your partner has passed the “Living in the UK” test and has sufficient English language skills.

Prerequisites for your child to obtain a 2nd degree ICTresidence permit:

  • Proof of having a 2nd degree ICT dependent child visa.
  • Evidence that your child is not in a civil partnership or marriage.
  • Evidence of your relationship with your child.
  • Your child’s birth certificate or adoption certificate.
  • Prove your financial capacity to support yourself and your child.
  • Proof that your other parents are in the UK, or are applying for a work visa. This law does not include the following:
  • You are the only living parent.
  • You are solely responsible for educating your child.
  • Your child has a serious illness and you are based in the UK.
  • Evidence of your child’s current address (if your child is 16 years of age or older). You must provide at least 2 of the following documents:
  • Your child’s bank statements
  • Their credit card bill.
  • Their driver’s license (if any).
  • Your child’s NHS registration certificate.
  • An official letter from your current education provider.
  • Information about your child’s monthly expenses. This includes your money for rent, utilities and similar monthly expenses.

Note: When your child or partner applies for your 2nd degree ICT visa, you must live with them and not use public funds or benefits.

Applying for accommodation in ICT grade 2 classification

If you have resided in the UK for at least 5 consecutive years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. An application for a residence permit must be made no earlier than 28 days before reaching the age of 5 in the UK.

This type of application for accommodation in the UK in the second-tier intra-corporate transfer class is mainly referred to as an application for an indefinite leave (ILR).

By obtaining an ILR on a Grade 2 Transfer Visa, you will be allowed to stay permanently in the UK. Once you have qualified for residency and other requirements, you may even be able to apply for citizenship as a UK citizen.

درهای کسب و کار خودتان را باز کنید و از مشتریان استقبال کنید

Special conditions for applying for a residence permit in a 2nd degree intra-company transfer

  • Proof of having a transfer visa within the company of 2nd degree roads.
  • Proof of 5 consecutive years of presence in the UK.
  • Proof of absences from the UK within 5 years of qualification.
  • New Grade 2 Support Certificate. The sponsor must issue a new certificate to support your accommodation, and declare their intention to continue working for you in their own company, in accordance with employment laws (payment of appropriate salaries, payment of leave, etc.).

Note: The time spent outside the UK during the “5 year eligibility period” should not exceed 180 days during the 1 calendar year.

Reasons for rejecting a residence permit application in ICT Grade 2

Reasons for rejecting a residence permit application in ICT Grade 2

  • Have a criminal record in or outside the UK.
  • Provide insufficient or unreliable documents or information.
  • Breaking the immigration law means staying longer than the visa period.

Frequently Asked Questions About a UK Grade 2 Transfer Visa

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