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Do you want to start a small business from home in the UK as a foreigner?

شروع یک تجارت کوچک در انگلستان بدون نیاز به پول

Investing and trading in the UK: Do you want to start a small business from home in the UK as a foreigner? If yes, here is a detailed guide to starting a profitable business in the UK without the need for money and experience.

Well, by providing an in-depth analysis of the top 50 small business ideas in the UK and a range of sample templates for industry-specific business applications, we now elaborate on legal requirements, market feasibility and everything else. To start a business in the UK, we will analyze without the need for money. So prepare your entrepreneurial motivation and let it continue.

If you are planning to start a business in the UK, you must meet the basic requirements to start before you can obtain the necessary permits. Aside from starting a business anywhere in the world, starting a business requires that you are a citizen or legal resident or have a visa that allows you to operate in the UK.

Facts and figures from the UK that will attract you as an investor or entrepreneur

حقایق و اعدادی از انگلستان که شما را به عنوان یک سرمایه گذار یا کارآفرین جذب خود میکند

Britain has the fifth largest national economy (and the second largest country in the European Union) with nominal GDP and the ninth largest in the world (and the second largest country in the European Union) based on purchasing power parity (PPP). The UK economy currently accounts for 4% of world GDP.

The UK had the fastest economic growth in the G7 for four consecutive years, growing by 2.1% year-on-year in Q1 2016. In 2014, the UK was the ninth largest exporter in the world and the fifth largest importer. In addition to these cases, it has the second rank in the largest attraction of foreign direct investment stocks and the second rank in direct invested stocks abroad.

The UKis one of the most global economies in the world. The UK economy includes the following economies (in descending order):

  • the UK
  • Scotland
  • Wells
  • northern Irland

The services sector dominates the UK economy, which accounts for about 78% of GDP. The financial services industry is of particular importance and London is the largest financial center in the world. The UK aerospace industry is the second or third largest national aerospace industry, depending on the calculation method.

The pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in the economy, and the United Kingdom ranks third in global pharmaceutical research and development in terms of its share. The automotive industry is also an important employer and exporter. The UK economy is boosted by North Sea oil and gas production, with reserves estimated at. 120 in 2011.

There is considerable regional diversity in this boom, with the south-east of England and the south of Scotland having the richest per capita. The size of London’s economy has made it the largest GDP city in Europe.

  • Import and export activities are the most important factor in the UK economy. The UK trade deficit in goods and services in February 2016 was estimated at 8 4.8 billion.
  • The narrowing of trade estimates was a reflection of a 0. 0.3 billion increase in exports to .2 23.2 billion attributable to an increase in chemical exports. In the three months to August 2016, the total trade deficit in services and goods increased by 8 3.8 billion to 7 13.7 billion. This was the largest four-quarter deficit from three months to March 2008, when it was 14. 14.4 billion.
  • In three months, the trade deficit rose by 3 3 billion to 34 34.6 billion. The expansion represents a 1. 1.7 billion drop in commodity exports (of which 0.7 billion fell for oil and 0.4 billion for other fuels). In the three months to February 2016, the trade deficit with the EU was 23.8 pounds, the widest range recorded, showing a 1.3 per cent drop in export exports and a 1.1 per cent increase in imports.
  • The budget deficit for the three months to November 2015 was 8 22.8 billion, the second largest record. Earlier, the last record deficit in the European Union occurred in the three months to February 2015, when the deficit reached 22.4 billion pounds.
  • In 2013, the UK was the leader in Europe with $ 26.51 billion in FDI, giving the UK a 19.31% market share in Europe. In contrast, the UK was second in Europe with foreign FDI at $ 42.59 billion, accounting for 17.24% of the European market.


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Challenges and potential threats in the UK

چالشه در شرکایه گذاری در انگلسان

In the field of investment and trade in the UK,you should know thatone of the leading business destinations in the world and the number one destination for domestic investment in Europe is the UK, but growing businesses are still facing many obstacles when expanding in this country.

On average, starting a business with a share of the line at that time takes about 13 days to trade with Majesti Revenue and Customs. Although there is a small or insignificant cost to it, a number of procedures can make the business process very difficult. Possible challenges include:

  • Agree with building permits
  • Get electricity
  • Property registration
  • Obtain investor protection credit
  • paying tax
  • Cross-border trade
  • Enforce contracts and resolve bankruptcy
  • Cultural barriers

Here are some basic steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for businessin the United Kingdom.

Starting a Business in the UK as a Foreigner Without Money - The Complete Guide

راه اندازی کسب و کار در انگلستان

Starting an investment and business in the UK requires careful planning, research and preparation. More than 500,000 people start their own businesses in the UK each year. Some managed to survive in this competition, many others could not. Some people who start a business are inherently talented entrepreneurs with an incredible idea that will turn them into a new and successful investment.

Many want to make more money or be their own boss. Some are looking for more flexibility or a better balance of life and work. Many may have no alternative after losing their job.

Starting a business can give you a better life, but you need to plan carefully to succeed. To get started, you need a good business plan. You will also need a brand, competitors name and knowledge. Before you start, you need to know your expenses and after you start, manage your finances.

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مرحله اول: یک نام برای تجارت خود انتخاب کنید

Step1: Choose a name for your business

In the first phase of investing and trading in the UK, choosing a name for your business is your first move when starting a business. Once you find a name, it is always recommended that you do so by searching the Intellectual Property Office at GOV.UK to ensure that the name you choose has not already been registered by another business.

Your brand should not contain any offensive words and should not be similar to the name of another company that is legally registered with the Companies Registration Organization. Otherwise it will not be approved.

ثبت نام تجاری

Step 2: Register your business name

In the second stage ofinvesting and trading in the UK, one of the most important things you should do when trying to get started in the UK is to register your business. You can register your new business at GOV.UK. If you have all the details ready before proceeding, your whole process will take about 30 minutes.

In the UK, you can register your business online but it will cost 12 12 to register a company online (you can pay this via PayPal, debit card or credit card). Registering your company takes an average of 24 hours. Please note that to register a business in the UK, you must submit the following documents and information:

  • Company Name.
  • Valid company ID
  • Name of one or more company managers with details (if you are the only one who has no problem).
  • Details of company shares, shareholders and shareholders of the company (with at least one shareholder).
  • A memorandum and articles of association. This is a standard document that shareholders create and agree to that explains the company’s written rules.
  • Accurate information about anyone who has significant interest or control over the company (this means anyone with 25% or more of the shares or voting rights in the company).

Agencies and parasites are responsible for registering businesses in the UK

The agency is responsible for registering jobs and operating licenses in the UK, the company registration organization. Company registrars are company registrars in the United Kingdom and are an executive body and commercial fund of His Majesty the Government. This is the responsibility of the Ministry of Trade, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and is also a member of the General Data Group.

Types of companies (permitted under UK corporate law) are registered with the Companies Registration Office and certain details are required under current corporate law. All registered limited companies, including subsidiaries, small and inactive, must file financial statements in addition to the company’s annual returns, all of which are public records. Only some unlimited registered companies (with special conditions) are exempt from this condition.

List of legal documents required to trade in the UK

  • Business plan
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Managers Resolution
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Buy a trade agreement

Documents and permits required to do business in the UK

Depending on your business, you may need to apply for a license when starting a business in the UK. Common licenses may include:

  • Temporary event notifications: Temporary event notifications are for “authorized activity” in unlicensed locations.
  • Conditional License: In the UK, you need a Conditional License if you want to sell alcohol in unlicensed locations.
  • Food Business Registration: Food business registration in the event of a “food operation” in a food-related business.
  • Business License: You need this card to do anything to earn. Get started
ایجاد یک ساختار مناسب برای راه اندازی کسب و مار

Step 3: Choose a business structure for your business

In the third stage ofinvesting and trading in the UK, it should be noted that the UK has a wide range of options that if you are looking for a business structure to create your job, you can choose one of them. When starting a business in the UK, you need to choose a structure for your business. This structure defines your legal responsibilities, such as:

  • Administrative formalities that must be completed to start a business.
  • Taxes you must manage and pay
  • How can you personally make a profit from your business?
  • Your personal responsibilities if your business loses

If you find that a new structure is right for you, you can change your business structure. Commercial structures you can choose from include:

• Trader only

A trader is just one type of business in which one person owns the entire business. This is the simplest business structure you can choose from. Great for solo jobs; This includes independent accountants, web developers and gardeners, and many more.

A sole trader is a person who enjoys all the profits and profits of the business, but is also responsible for any debts and damages incurred. In the UK, there are now more than 3 million registered traders alone, and this number is growing with a large influx of skilled freelancers.

• Limited Company

A limited company is a legal business structure, in that it is a business that is separate from its owners. This means that the owners are only liable for any debts incurred. They are responsible for the amount of money they invest in this business, so that any position of the owners of this business is limited to a extent beyond their total investment. There are two types of limited companies you can find in the UK.

• Private limited company (LTD or Ltd)

In a limited private company, the owners have private shares. This is the most common integration structure for most small businesses in the UK. There are more than 5.2 million limited companies operating in the UK.

• State Limited Company (PLC)

In a limited state-owned company, shares are publicly available for ownership and purchase. A limited state-owned company must be worth at least 000 50,000 before trading as a PLC. The PLC is usually used as a structure for large companies after the initial public offering (sale of a majority stake in the capital market).

• Partnership Limited Liability (LLP)

LLP is a partnership structure used by many businesses, including professionals, veterinarians, law firms or accounting firms. The LLP consists of at least one limited partner and one government partner (there may be more than one), and these partners have different responsibilities and representations in that business. Participation in Scotland (known as “firms”) is different, and “legal personality” is separate from the real partners.

• Guarantee Company (LBG)

A guarantee company (LBG) is a structure used by nonprofits such as socially-owned companies looking for a legal structure to operate. This structure is somewhere between a benevolent situation and a limited company. In LBG, no joint venture is issued; instead, members act as guarantors of the company. This is commonly used by trade unions, schools and other such businesses.

The bottom line is that if you have a plan to grow your small business beyond yourself (one person) and then sell it, a limited private company will probably be the most suitable structure for you.

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مرتب کردن حساب بانکی و مسائل مربوط به مالیات

Step 4: Sort of bank accounts and tax issues

The fourth step of investing and trading in the UK is the right time to open a bank account for your business after registering your business. This is because you can only open an account for one legal entity. Just make sure you choose a bank that does not overload your business with too many hidden fees.

You can contact an accountant to help you address your accounting concerns. Please note that an accountant will ask you to pay an annual fee or a monthly fee that covers the amount of work he or she does. The amount you pay depends on how well you can negotiate, but depending on the complexity of your business finances and the needs of your case, it will probably be between 30 30 and 150 150 a month.

Traders only need the services of an accountant once a year for their own assessment, and this should cost between -200 80-80. In the UK, you can not avoid paying your taxes on time. For this purpose, the following are some of the required information about taxes:

  • Tax filing for VAT(VAT)

If your business is likely to sell more than 000 85,000 a year, you will need to register for VAT. This is a fixed rate tax that you must charge on top of any goods or services you sell. VAT is currently 20%. In fact, in the UK, after registering your VAT and VAT number, you can buy products from other businesses without VAT.

  • Corporate tax registration

If you are settling for a limited company and doing business (this means doing any financial transactions), you must file corporate tax within three months of starting or starting your business. Please note that you are assessed for corporate tax through your annual accounts, and you must pay a flat rate tax based on the profits from your business.

برای حق مالکیت ثبت اختراع نام تجاری خود درخواست بدهید

Step 5: Apply for a trademark or patent for your trademark

In the fifth stage of Investing and trading in the UK As a new business owner, it is important to use a trademark or patent for your business, especially if you have a unique product or service or business idea or technology or business process. By doing so, you will legally own your own brand and prevent anyone from using your idea without the necessary advice.

A trademark is a legally registered symbol, word or words that represent a business that legally owns it and protects the use of that name or symbol by anyone else. A patent is a patent for a product, invention, or process that provides a new way of doing something or a new technical solution to a problem.

Please note that you only have the right to apply for a patent if you have successfully developed an innovative technology or product that can be copied by others. A patent gives you the legal ownership of the patent and the exclusive right to it, thus providing the necessary legal protection for your business.

پوشش مورد نیاز بیمه نامه برای تجارت خود را خریداری کنید

Step 6: Buy the required insurance coverage for your business

In the sixth stage of investing and trading in the UK, it would be a big mistake not to buy insurance policy for your business. In fact, in the UK you can not legally trade without buying insurance. With the right insurance coverage, your job will be protected when something unforeseen happens.

The truth is that if you do not have the right insurance policy and the situation goes wrong, it can threaten your business altogether and even bankrupt you. There are a number of important insurance coverages in the UK that every business owner should consider buying. Some of them include the following:

  • Liability insurance

PLI protects jobs against losses incurred by people or clients who have been harmed by occupational activity. This is one of the most common types of small business insurance. This is especially important if you work in a place that requires physical activity, or regularly interact with third-party or commercial clients.

  • Professional Loss Compensation Insurance (PII)

PII is for businesses and professionals who provide advice or services to customers. This company protects your business against any claims for damages or legal costs resulting from the elimination or breach of professional duty during the day-to-day operations. Actively protect your job if the advice or services provided negatively affect the client.

  • Employer Liability Insurance (ELI)

The ELI protects the job that employs employees against financial losses incurred during an illness or job injury that has occurred to employees. Injuries at work can be very costly if the employer is responsible. ELI protects this, especially for jobs where many employees work in the physical work, such as manufacturing, event planning, construction, and other related matters.

  • Product Liability Insurance (PLI)

Product Liability Insurance (PLI) insurance protects your business from damage to property or personal injury caused by products that your business or company manufactures or sells.

  • Key people insurance (

Insurance coverage for key individuals protects the business against the loss of a key employee, such as a CEO, by paying large sums for their death or disability. This is a kind of life insurance against anything that happens to a key employee. If your business relies heavily on an employee or a small group, this insurance can often help save your business from bankruptcy in a catastrophic situation.

  • Landlord Insurance (LI)

Landlord Insurance (LI) coverage covers business owners who own real estate against losses from renting that property. If the company owns its own office and leases it to other companies, this type of insurance protects it from damages caused by the tenant.

  • Commercial Credit Insurance (TCI)

Business credit insurance coverage is a package of insurances that protects private companies against their customers if they are unable to repay their debts due to bankruptcy, shortfall or inability to pay. This is especially true for companies that operate under a B2B model and have a wide range of core customers who take advantage of the credit facilities provided.

تسهیل در ورود به انگلستان و محدودیت های آن

Step 7: Rent or lease office space

In the seventh stage of investing and business in the UK, it does not matter if the type of job you intend to do is normal, you need an office space to work, an address that is related to your office. This can be done from home or office space rental. In the UK, there are options for new business owners looking to rent or lease office space.

  • Rent a common space

Collaborative spaces allow you to rent office space or a separate desk at a relatively low cost compared to traditional service or private options. With a large community of like-minded entrepreneurs, they have also designed an environment for beginners.

  • Request for commercial accelerator

Seed accelerator programs provide investment, coaching, and office space for a limited time to start a startup and other small businesses. If you have a tech business, there are many accelerators you can apply for in many major UK cities.

  • Rent part of a commercial office

If you do not have enough money, one of your options is to rent a commercial incubator office space. Incubators are low-cost and effective office spaces that offer some degree of social and communication. They are usually run by non-profit companies, charities or universities.

  • Rent office space from another business location

In some cases, there are businesses that have space in their office that they may not need. It is not uncommon to find a business that operates in the space of another business, as long as they comply with the terms and conditions of the lease agreements.

  • Rent a service office

Service offices are suitable for business owners who may not plan to stay in one place for long periods of time. They may want to test their business idea in one place to see if it works. Of course, renting a service office is not cheap, but you want to have a comfortable environment that helps you in business projects to reach famous customers.

5 of the best cities to trade in the UK

  • London
  • Glasgow
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Liverpool
تسهیلات تجاری خود را راه اندازی کنید

Step 8: Set up your own business facility

In the eighth phase of investing and trading in the UKin setting up a business facility, you are expected to have everything you need to run your business effectively. You need to buy office furniture, create an archiving system (both online and offline), purchase the required software programs, preferably have a landline, install your trademarks and CCTV system and Also set up an alarm.

Please note that having a landline phone number for your business has a legitimate image and makes it easier for customers to contact your office.

In the UK you can set up a business line with your phone packages. You can still buy a landline in London and many other cities in the UK that is connected to your mobile phone, allowing you to make calls through that number and make online calls using that number. do.

In the case of trademarks, it is mandatory that you display a mark that indicates your company name and registered trade address. You are only exempt from the requirement of this law that your home address be the same as your place of work.

منبع تأمین بودجه برای تجارت جدید شما

Step 9: Funding for your new business

In the ninth phase of investing and doing business in the UK, it should be noted that many entrepreneurs start their own businesses using business loans and start-up grants. So, if you know you do not have enough money to start your own business idea, you can apply for a business loan or startup grant.

Interestingly, the start-up loan scheme was launched in 2012 by the UK government. This provided entrepreneurs with 150 million pounds in public money in the form of low-interest loans of up to 25,000 pounds. Eligibility and facilitation of start-up loans is done by the partner partners who evaluate any work plan or business file.

This loan is usually free for the first year if you pay only a small part each month, the major repayment starts from the second year and is repaid in full within five years. Please note that although the loan terms are very favorable, you still have to pay off the debt, so you have to work hard.

استراتژی فروش و بازاریابی خود را توسعه دهید

Step 10: Develop your sales and marketing strategy

In the tenth stage ofinvesting and trading in the UK,it must be said that if you are in business, it means that you have a product or service or a combination of both to sell to your target market. That’s why you need to make sure you develop your sales and marketing strategy.

You need to be able to use strategies that help you gain an acceptable share of the existing marketplace where you want to sell your products or services. Trust me, the market in the UK is very competitive, and if you do not have an effective sales and marketing strategy, you will probably have to work much harder to stay close to other businesses, and if you are not careful, it will easily go away. And you are left out.

Therefore, if you decide to hire anyone in the UK, you will have to pay several monthly employment taxes on their behalf, including national insurance contributions for each employee. These taxes are usually paid through PAYE. This system is the main method of collecting commercial taxes from UK companies by the government. In the UK it is mandatory to provide a pension for all your employees.

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استخدام کارمندان مورد نیاز برای شروع کار

Step 11: Hire the staff needed to get started

In the eleventh stage of investing and trading in the UK, it should be noted that if you want to run a standard business in the UK, you will definitely need labor. The truth is that the quality of your employees will go a long way to achieving the profitability of your business. You may not have a plan to hire the right candidate, which is why some business owners often do that aspect of their business by hiring and hiring human resource consultants.

The key is to make sure you hire people who are competent, honest, customer-oriented and willing to help you build a thriving business. Please note that employment law in the UK is strictly regulated to protect jobs and employees, and you have a duty to pay the minimum wage to each employee.

The maximum number of hours a person can work for an employer per week in the UK is 48 hours, except that employees agree to work overtime and receive a fee. You may not discriminate unfairly on the basis of race, gender, disability or any other factor in employment, pay, promotion, access to education or termination of employment.

درهای کسب و کار خودتان را باز کنید و از مشتریان استقبال کنید

Step 12: Open the doors of your business and welcome customers

If you have been able to do the first to the eleventh step successfully, you have already come a long way and shown that you are really ready to invest and trade in the UK. If you do not open your business doors, you will not be able to use your products or services. Basically, the last step to starting a business in the UK is to make sure you open the door to trade. Start like a blast to attract people.

And now you know all the things you need to do to start your own business in the UK and you are ready to go in as powerfully as possible. Our consultants at Trajons are always ready to serve and guide you to achieve your goals.

List of 10 famous foreign brands in the UK

English brands are welcomed around the world for their quality and heritage. However, many of them also belong to foreigners. There are some famous “English” brands that are owned by foreigners. Here are some of them:

  • Branston pickle
  • Robertson’s
  • Rolls Royce
  • Weetabix
  • Cadbury
  • Newcastle brown ale
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Camelot
  • Boots
  • Raleigh
  • Asda

Top 10 Most Popular Native Entrepreneurs in the UK

The UK has long been a hotbed of entrepreneurship, with hundreds of thousands of people in the UK gaining financial independence by starting their own businesses. Even among many successful British entrepreneurs, a small percentage of people always reach great positions with high net worth.

  • David and Simon Reuben
  • Philip Green
  • Sir Richard Branson
  • James Dyson
  • Laurence Graff
  • Alan Sugar
  • K Rowling
  • Duncan Bannatyne
  • Simon Cowell

Peter Jones

List of 10 well-known local businesses in the UK

Almost half of the UK’s largest trading companies are owned by foreign investors, but there are a small number of Indigenous people who make the UK proud.

  • Victoria Beckham
  • Boohoo
  • Supergroup
  • Bet365
  • AO world
  • Softcat
  • Kelway
  • Virgin group

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