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Atlantic Migration Trial Program (AIPP)

شهر زیبای آتلانتیک

Atlantic Migration Trial Program: Is a fast-track immigration program that allows employers in Canada’s four Atlantic provinces, including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island, to hire foreign nationals for jobs they have not been able to do with the local workforce. Fill, hire.

The program was introduced in 2017, and the federal government and its provincial government partners plan to welcome more than 7,000 newcomers and their families in Canada’s Atlantic region by 2021 through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

The Atlantic Migration Pilot Program is designed to welcome newcomers to Canada’s Atlantic area to meet the needs of employers and local communities.

This three-year pilot program allows local designated employers to identify, hire and retain global talent. The program also aims to support population growth, create a skilled workforce and increase employment rates in the region.

Atlantic Migration Trial Program: Performance

The Atlantic Migration Pilot Program is an employer-centric program that facilitates the employment of foreign labor. All applicants to enter Canada on a probationary basis must have a job offer from a designated employer and a personal agreement plan for themselves and their family.

When a designated employer finds a candidate who meets their job needs and program criteria, the employer must first offer them the job. Employers do not need to go through the LMIA process for this program.

Once the candidate has accepted the job, the employer establishes a relationship between the candidate and a designated service provider designated to evaluate and develop the program. Employers also support the long-term integration of the new immigrant and his or her family if possible so that they can achieve the goals of their agreed plan upon arrival in Canada.

Employers who need to fill their vacancies quickly will have access to a temporary work permit so that the candidate and his or her family can come to Canada as soon as possible.

Employers who need to fill their vacancies quickly will have access to a temporary work permit so that the candidate and his or her family can come to Canada as soon as possible. To obtain this work permit, candidates need the following:

  • A valid job offer
  • A letter from the province
  • Obligation to apply for permanent residence less than 90 days after applying for a temporary work permit

Determining the employer

ویزا عمومی درجه 2 انگلستان

Employers wishing to hire professional immigrants under the pilot program must apply to the province (ies) to receive a candidate. Employers who have a location in different provinces need to be designated separately for each province. Employers must meet certain requirements, including a commitment to support the newcomer and his or her family as they begin their new life in Atlantic Canada.

About determining the employer

Candidacy requirements

The Atlantic Migration Pilot Program for Skilled Workforce has two programs:

  • Atlantic High Level Skills Program (AHSP)

  • Atlantic Intermediate Skills Program (AISP)

  • An program for international student graduates

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)

Work experience, education and job offer required depend on whether you are applying as a labor force or as an international student graduate. The other prerequisites are the same for both.

Other Ways to Immigrate to Atlantic Canada

راه های دیگر مهاجرت به آتلانتیک

The Atlantic Migration Program has been active in recent years, mainly through the Provincial Candidate Program (PNP). Provinces have been able to welcome a wide range of skilled workers, Canadian-educated graduates and business immigrants such as entrepreneurs through these programs.

Since 2015, each Atlantic province has established at least one PNP program in accordance with the Federal Express Entry System, allowing candidates on the Express Entry Archive who are eligible to immigrate through one of these programs to submit immigration applications to Gives the province.

Currently, Atlantic PNP options include the following:

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