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Visa for missionaries Tir2 UK

ویزا خادم دینی درجه 2 انگلستان

This visa is for foreigners looking to work as a religious worker in the UK.

The Tir2 UK missionary visa is for skilled foreign workers who come to the UK for a full-time job offer in a religious organization, as a religious leader, missionary or as a member of a religious order.

Who needs a UK Tir2 missionary visa?

Citizens of countries that do not have a visa-free travel agreement with the UK must obtain a UK Tir2 missionary visa. In order to be able to travel to the UK on this visa, the religiousstatus offered to you must not be such that it can be filled by the European Union or the EEA.

What are the prerequisites for applying for a UK Tir2 missionary visa?

The eligibility criteria for obtaining this visa are:

  • Meet the general requirements for a UK visa refusal.
  • “Resident labor market test”. The job you expect to fill should not be such that it can be filled by the UK workforce or the EEA. Your sponsor must have searched for the local workforce for at least 28 days within 6 months before CoS approval.
  • Appropriate rights. For your job, you should receive payment or salary offers that are approximately equal to the pay of the UK or EEA labor force in the same job position. This payment must be sufficient to cover your living expenses and stay in the UKduring your employment.
  • working conditions. You must have conditions similar to the UK workforce and the EEA.
  • Competence as a religious workforce. You must have completed training as a religiouspropagandist, work experience in the same religious employment position in your home country, or other similar training or education or certification.
  • Do not violate UK immigration laws or other UK laws.
  • You should not have a 2nd degree visa for more than 1 year. This will not apply unless you have been away from the UK for the duration of such a visa, receive an annual salary of Pound 159,600 or higher, and have the unconditional consent of a second-tier sponsor to apply for your visa.

How to apply for a UK Tir2 missionary visa?

چگونه می توان برای ویزا خادم دینی درجه 2 اقدام کرد؟

To apply for a UK Tir2 missionary visa, you must follow the same steps as for any other UK visa application.

You must apply for a UK Tir2 missionary visa application within the following timeframe:

  • If you are applying from abroad, your CoS should not start earlier than 3 months before your employment period.
  • If you are applying for an extension or replacement from within the UK, this must be before your current UK Tir2 missionary visa expires.
  • If you are applying for a residence permit from within the UK, it must not be earlier than 28 days before you reach your period of permanent residence.

The first opportunity you can travel to the UK with this visa is 14 days before your start date with your sponsor. This means that your visa is valid for 2 weeks before the start of your CoS.

What are the requirements for a 2nd degree religious servant visa?

پیش نیاز های ویزا خادم دینی درجه 2 چیست؟

Requirements for applying for this visa are:

  • Standard requirements for applying for a UK visa.
  • Grade 2 Certificate of Financial Support (CoS). Your employer, as a religious organization or other religious organization, must have a 2nd degree sponsor license, and be a registered sponsor under the PBS license. The CoS must not be older than 3 months at the time of application and must not be used for other visa applications.
  • Proof of English language skills.
  • Your budget should be at least 45 945 for yourself and Pound 630 for each of your dependents (if any).
  • Evidence of sufficient savings for 90 days prior to your request. (Submit any of the following)
  • Your personal bank statements
  • Your statements from another financial institution.
  • Confirmation letter from a banking or financial institution. Confirmation that you have at least 45 945 90 days prior to request.
  • ATAS certificate. If you are 18 years of age or older and want to study at the same time as working with a second degree religious servant visa.

What am I allowed to do in the UK with a UK Tir2 missionary visa?

Activities that you can do as a holder of this type of visa 2 are:

  • When you reach the period of permanent residency, settle down.
  • Get a supplement. This applies if you do not have more than 20 hours of work and that job must be in the same position as your main job, or in the job listed among the UK shortage jobs.
  • Do a volunteer job. This item is free as long as it does not interfere with your main job.
  • You can attend courses, if this does not interfere with your participation in your religious service.
  • Travel abroad and return to the UK.
  • Take your family members to the UK.


What am I not allowed to do in the UK with a Second Class Religious Visa?

Activities that are prohibited in the UK with this type of visa include:

  • Use of budgets and public benefits.
  • Working in a second job outside of visa requirements.

How long can I stay in the UK on a UK Tir2 missionary visa?

چه مدت می توانم با ویزا خادم دینی درجه 2 در انگلستان بمانم؟

The following are courses of stay that can be offered through this type of visa:

  • Permission to enter the UK Tir2 missionary visa. A maximum of 3 years and 1 month or CoS duration is issued plus 1 month, whichever is shorter.
  • Permission to stay with a UK Tir2 missionary visa for a shorter period between:
  • CoS course plus 14 days or
  • 3 years, or
  • Time difference between the period of time you are awarded in the 2nd degree group and 6 years.

In the following cases, you may be granted a maximum of 6 years on a Second Degree Visa visa:

  • You have a residence permit in the UK (before 6 April 2011) in the following categories:
  • Grade 2 General.
  • Visa for missionaries Tir2 UK.
  • Grade 2 Athletics.
  • Visa as a Jewish representative workforce.
  • Visas as operational staff of a foreign airline.
  • Visa as a religious servant, preacher or member of a religious ruling.
  • work permit
  • Visa as a representative of a newspaper, news or broadcasting agency.
  • You have been granted a Grade 2 General Visa, Religious Servant or Athlete (on or after 6 April 2011).

Apply for a residence permit

After completing 5 years of permanent residence in the UK and your current UK Tir2 missionary visa, you can apply for an Resettlement Permit (ILR).

Extending the visa of a religious servant grade 2

To apply for an extension of your religious visa or to change this visa, you must use the online application service in the UK. You must provide the following documents for this purpose:

  • New sponsorship certificate
  • Biometric information.

Change to 2nd degree religious servant visa

تغییر به ویزا خادم دینی درجه 2

There are several categories of UK visas from which you can apply to change your visa to the UK Tir2 Preacher Visa. These include:

  • Grade 1 visas.
  • Grade 2 visas.
  • Grade 4 visas.

To convert another visa to a UK Tir2 missionary visa, you must apply through the UK Visa and Immigration online service.

As part of the application, you must also provide the following:

  • Biometric information.
  • Proof of being out of the UK during the previous visa validity period during the last 1 year (if any).
  • Travel competence.
  • Proof of arranged accommodation.
  • Entry and exit stamps in your passport.
  • Round trip tickets. They must be accompanied by a text message from your previous employer confirming the termination of your employment contract.

Change of 4th degree visa

To change from a Grade 4 visa, you must have studied for at least 12 months during your last stay in the UK. You must also provide the following documents:

  • Certificates of study to prove completion of education in the UK.
  • degree of education.
  • Copies of academic records.
  • Educational reference from your 4th degree sponsor. The reference must include the details of your ID, the title of the course you have completed, the qualifications received, the duration of your studies and the date of completion of your studies (you have passed all the entrance exams and completed all the university offers). If you are studying for a doctorate, you must provide confirmation of 12 months of study in the last visa period.

Visa affiliates Religious missionaries Tir2 UK

Your family members can accompany you to the UK if you are applying for a Tir2 UK missionary visa, or if you already have this visa. They must obtain a 2nd degree relative visa to be able to do so, but such circumstances are limited to the following family members:

  • Your couple
  • Your unmarried partner or same-sex partner in a long-term relationship.
  • Your child is under 18 at the time of application. Or if they are 18 years of age or older, apply for a residence permit or residence permit from within the UK.

Can Tir2 UK missionary visa dependents work or study in the UK?

چگونه می توانیم برای تحصیل عمومی درجه 4 اقدام کنیم؟

Yes, they can work and study other than dentistry, medicine or sports. This rule does not apply if your dependent family member has a UK degree in medicine or dentistry (at least a bachelor’s degree) from a recognized educational provider. In addition, they are required to apply for a visa permit that does not prevent them from working as a doctor or dentist during their previous visa period.

Your dependents on a Level 2 Religious Visa visa can do any kind of education, except that for some types of education they must have already obtained an ATAS certification.

Tir2 UK missionary visa application processing time

The processing time for Grade 2 religious servant visa applications is as follows:

  • Initial application for a 2nd degree religious servant visa from abroad: Maximum 3 months.
  • Requests for extension or change of religious servant grade 2: Maximum 8 weeks (standard service), maximum 10 days (priority service), on the same day you request (premium service).
  • Applications for a residence permit for a second degree religious servant: Up to 6 months.

Note: Visa processing time may be longer if further confirmation is required, or if you have to attend an interview or provide other evidence to provide.

How much does it cost to apply for a UK Tir2 missionary visa?

There are different fees for applying for a UK Tir2 missionary visa, which can vary depending on where you are applying, the reason you are applying and the postal services you are using.

Can I change sponsors when I am on a UK Tir2 missionary visa?

A sponsor change is possible, but you must apply for a change of employer in the UK. To apply, you must provide a new Grade 2 CoS, which meets the same support requirements as your original sponsor.

Can I change my job based on a 2nd degree religious servant visa?

You are eligible to go to another religious position in the same job. To get a new job, you must apply for a job change.

If you have experienced changes in key job responsibilities, you should also apply for a change of employer. This is only possible if you have been or are still working in a job that is in short supply.

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