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Immigrate to Canada as an optometrist

به عنوان یک بینایی سنج به کانادا مهاجرت کنید

Do you want to immigrate to Canada as an optometrist and are you eligible to immigrate? If your answer is yes, you have chosen the right country. Canada, one of the most beautiful countries, is a good option for you to stop exploring. The benefits of immigrating to Canada as a skilled workforce are enormous, including a better quality of life, permanent residence for six months, and even free health care.

Due to low growth, immigration has become Canada’s response to narrowing the job gap. As a result, they welcome immigrants more than ever, as the provinces open more and more immigration opportunities to boost their economies. Many educated people around the world decide to work in Canada as more than 50% of immigrants have higher education.

At this point, you need to know what your revenue potential will be. The average salary of an optometrist in Canada is $ 44,850 per year. In addition, the price of your work continues to grow as it is estimated that 5,700 new jobs will be created in the next few years and only 5,100 applicants available to fill them. Are you ready to improve your life today with a new beginning and have a certified service evaluate you? Contact us for more information on how to immigrate to Canada as an optician, or fill out this evaluation form to learn more about how to immigrate to Canada as an optician.

Which program is more suitable for you?

It is important to consider which part of Canada you would like to relocate to before starting the process, as you will need to consider several factors, such as schools, places of worship, and the size of the community. Canada is a multicultural country with hundreds of beautiful cities, so doing the right research in advance can be very helpful. This is important because there are several immigration programs you can choose from, such as:

برنامه آزمایشی مهاجرت آتلانتیک (AIPP)

Provincial candidate program

If you want to immigrate to Canada as an optometrist and do not currently have a province in mind to immigrate to, this is a great program for you to use. Under the name of PNP, each province has its own streams or programs that target specific groups under each of them, skilled labor is always one of them. Understanding the workflow is important for any province, and potential mistakes can be costly and lead to longer processing times.

If you apply through paper methods, you must make sure that you qualify for that province, that you have undergone a medical examination and a police examination, and that you will receive a candidacy from the province. You then apply for permanent residence with the IRCC (Immigration, Asylum and Canadian Citizenship). On the other hand, the province in question may nominate you as a candidate for the Express Entry System.

Express Entry System

سیستم اکسپرس اینتری

The Express Entry System is a special immigration stream implemented by the Government of Canada to attract skilled and semi-skilled foreign nationals. You can be nominated by a province or create your own profile for Express Entry. If a province is interested in your specific skill set, you will be sent an invitation that you can accept directly. However, you must still be eligible for that province. Once you have submitted your complete application through the Express Entry system, your status will be determined within six months.

Requirements for qualified skilled labor

This program is for skilled workers with past experience in the relevant field


During the last ten years you must have at least one year or 1560 hours of continuous work experience with a continuous salary in the desired job position.

Language ability

To take the Canadian language test, you must score at least 7 in English or French. The test consists of four parts, which are: Writing, listening, reading (comprehension) and speech.


Take an academic credential assessment to show that you qualify as a Canadian peer.

Proof of budget

You need to be able to prove that you and your dependents have the budget to relocate to Canada. If you have a valid job offer, you no longer need it.

Additional requirements

The following requirements are specific to optometry.

  • You will be asked to obtain a permit from the surveillance device for the optometry of the province where you live and work.
  • Depending on the province in which you operate, more permits are required for the scope of training and protected titles.

If you wantto immigrate to Canada as an optometrist, you have a lot of paperwork to look at that can make the immigration process a little more intimidating for you. Taking the time to talk to a designated Canadian Immigration Advisor (ECIC’s) will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. RCIC authorized representatives are in good standing with the Canadian Regulatory Council (ICCRC) Immigration Advisers. In essence, they are the ones who are licensed and qualified, making all the steps that take your time much smoother and faster than you can do yourself. Your request, given the simple fact that it is supported and presented by these consultants, gives you a much higher chance of success, because they know that this program is complete and correct.

Why give yourself the opportunity to reject the application just because your forms were incorrect or submitted too late! You can maximize your chances of acceptance by contacting Trajons consultants.

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