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Quebec Immigration Programs 2020

برنامه مهاجرتی کبک 2020

The Province of Quebec Canada is launching its 2020Quebec Immigration Program to guarantee permanent residency for eligible candidates. The federal government has given Quebec more independence in immigration policies and procedures, which is why Quebec 2020immigration programs are often considered separately from other provinces.

Quebec is the only province in Canada whose only official language is French. For this reason, some Quebec immigration programs require this skill or are preferred by people who are fluent in French.
However, there are routes for non-French speaking applicants wishing to immigrate to Quebec.

Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)

Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)

Quebec Immigration 2020 plansare approved through two separate steps: Selection and acceptance. Selection takes place at the county level, while admissions occur at the federal level. Toimmigrate to Quebec, an applicant must meet the eligibility criteria.
During the selection process, each foreign national must obtain approval from the province of Quebec.

The selection process is described through the QuebecSelection Certificate (CSQ) (a document issued by the province’s immigration authorities) that pursues a successful application through one of Quebec’s immigration programs.

Skilled Workforce Program (QSW)

Skilled workforce program

The Quebec Skilled Workforce Program (QSW) is one ofQuebec’s migrationroutes to permanentresidence. As a skilled workforce program, all applicants are required to describe their minimum work experience. QSW is a points-based immigration program, meaning that applicants must earn at least a certain score on a score evaluation network to be eligible.

In this program, the applicant does not have to be highly proficient in French, but proficiency in French may lead to an increase in the applicant’s score in the rating network.

Eligible candidates must also submit their EOI to the Arrima online portal for the program.

Quebec Work Experience Program (PEQ)

Work experience

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)
Another route forQuebec Immigration 2020 is to become apermanent resident of Canada. The program requires candidates to have work experience inthe province of Quebec, either as a temporary foreign workforce or as an international student. PEQ applicants must demonstrate a good command of the French language. Of course, this mastery is not enough to be eligible in this program. Another condition is that the applicant has legal residency during the approval process and the process.

Quebec Investment Plan

Quebec Investment Program

To use the Quebec Investment Program, applicants must have a net worth of at least C $ 2 million (CAD) and the ability to invest at least C $ 1.2 million (CAD) with a financial intermediary in Quebec. Applicants who meet these criteria may be eligible for permanent residency in Canada through theQuebec Investment Program.

Entrepreneurship program in Quebec

The Quebec Entrepreneurship Program requires applicants to have financial capacity in addition to the experience and intent of managing a business project in Quebecor acquiring a business in Quebec.

Self-employment in Quebec

The Quebec Self-Employment Workforce Program allows confident self-employed people to immigrate to Quebec and create their own jobs. To be eligible for the program, applicants must have a net worth of at least C $ 100,000 (CAD) and two years of experience as a self-employed person in the field in which they intend to operate in Quebec.

Quebec Acceptance Certificate(CAQ)

A number of temporary Quebec residency programsrequire a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), which is a temporary residence permit in Quebec. This includes most study programs for international students. Attention: A CAQ issues a temporary residence permit in the province of Quebec. Do not confuse withthe Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ) which issues a permanent residence permit in the province.

Valid job offer

Valid job offer

If a Quebecemployer wants to hire a foreign national, they may be eligible to offer a job offer to a foreign national officially approved by MIDI. A valid job offer is a strong advantage of the Quebec Skilled Workforce Program (QSW) because it gives the holder 8 points (if the job is located in the Montreal area) or 10 points (if the job is located outside the Montreal area). Give.

Holders of valid job offers are also exempt from the QSW program quota requirement, meaning they can apply for CSQ at any time. To validate a job offer, the job offered and foreign nationals must meet several requirements:

Eligibility for a job position:

  • Must have level 0, A, B or C skills to be in a permanent and full-time position in the NOC National Skills Classification.
  • It should have a positive or neutral impact on the local labor market.
  • Must have been submitted in writing by an employer in Quebec who has worked for at least 12 months.
  • If necessary, appropriate employment measures must be taken to hire a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the position (see below)

Eligibility of foreign nationals:


  • They must submit copies of identification documents, diplomas, resume (CV) and a written copy of the job offer.
  • If you are setting up a profession in Quebec, you must have the necessary license or certificate to practice and work in this profession.
  • If the foreign national is currently working for the employer, he or she must provide a copy of his or her work permit with the last three payments.

If a foreign national is currently working for a Quebec employer with a temporary work permit, the employer does not need to prove that they were trying to hire a Canadian or a permanent resident for the job. In all other cases, the employer must prove that he / she has made every effort to hire these people. This means that employers must try to hire a Canadian to fill a position before offering it to a foreign national. If the benefits of all the requirements are met, the job offer is valid, the employer can send the authentication power to MIDI.

Questions of the applicant for immigration to the province of Quebec

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