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UK Family Visa

دارندگان ویزاهای انگلستان مجاز به سفر به خارج از کشور در حالی که در انگلستان هستند، میباشند. با این وجود، بسته به ملیت و هدف سفر، ممکن است الزامات دیگری نیز برای شما وجود داشته باشد. سفر به اروپا برای بازدید از سایر کشورهای اروپایی، ممکن است شما مجبور شوید ویزای شینگن را از انگلستان درخواست کنید که به شما این امکان را می دهد تا حداکثر برای مدت زمان 90 روز برای توریسم یا اهداف تجاری سفر کنید. حتی اگر شهروند انگلستان نباشید، می توانید از انگلستان برای دریافت این ویزا اقدام کنید. اگرچه مراحل استفاده از آن تقریباً برای کلیه متقاضیان یکسان است اما در صورت درخواست از انگلستان باید با مشخصات آن آشنا شوید. سفر به آمریکا برای مسافرت به ایالات متحده، بسته به ملیت شما، ممکن است لازم باشد که برای ویزا آمریکا در انگلستان اقدام کنید. اگر شهروند یک کشور در برنامه ویزا چشم پوشی هستید، نیازی به درخواست ویزا ندارید، بلکه به جای آن، باید برای دریافت ESTA درخواست خود را ارسال کنید.

UK family visas are a type of UK entry and residence permit issued to people who want to have a permanent family life with family members living in the UK.

There are several ways you can get a UK family visa:

  • As a spouse or partner living in the UK.
  • As parents living in the UK.
  • As a child living in the UK.
  • As a relative of a sick, disabled or elderly person who needs long-term care and resides in the UK.
  • Based on a private life.
  • As a widow partner who has previously resided in the UK.
  • As a separated spouse or partner.


Am I eligible for a UK family visa?

ویزا خانوادگی انگلستان

You will not be able to obtain a UK Family Visa if your conditions are as follows:

  • You are currently in the UK on a UK work visa or temporary student visa.
  • You live in the UK with a UK visitor visa valid for 6 months or less. This rule does not apply to UK marriage visitor visas, or if you are awaiting a final court decision on family or divorce.

What are the types of UK family visas?

There are several types of family visas available in the UK, depending on your personal circumstances and your relationship with the UK-based sponsor.

Spouse visa

A UK spouse visa is issued to those who want to join their spouse or other partner who is either a UK citizen, a UK resident, a refugee or a humanitarian supporter.

Your relationship with your partner should be either a marriage, a lasting relationship or a civil partnership.

Visa for parents

UK parent visa is issued to parents of UK citizens, residents or people who have spent at least 7 consecutive years in the UK.

To be eligible for this visa, the child must be under 18 years of age, or must be of the required age when you first apply for a UK family visa.

Child visa

A UK child visa is issued for the children of a person based in the UK.

You must be a dependent child living with your parents in the UK and have a joint application with you for a UK visa or extension of stay in the UK.

Family visa for an adult who needs long-term care by a relative

Visas for adults in need of care are issued by a relative for long-term care of relatives who are UK citizens, resident in the UK, refugees or under UK humanitarian protection. A person in need of this type of care must be 18 years of age or older and suffer from a disability or medical condition, or have reached old age.

Family visa based on your private life

A family visa, which is granted to you on the basis of your personal life, so that after living in the UK for a long time, due to your unfavorable personal circumstances to leave the UK or your stay in the UK for too long, you can live forever Stay in the UK.

Settle in the UK if your partner dies

Dependents of the deceased partner visa is issued to those who wish to reside permanently in the UK as an ex-spouse, civil partner or partner in a permanent relationship with a deceased UK citizen or resident. You must have a valid family visa commensurate with your relationship with your late spouse, the spouse visa.

Visa as an isolated or divorced dependent partner

If your relationship has broken down due to domestic violence by your partner, a dependent or divorced partner visa will be issued in order for you to stay permanently in the UK. You must have obtained your last visa as a spouse or partner mentioned in the sponsorship, and the general budget must be settled by the time the application is processed.

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