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Help complete the process of buying a home in the UK

Help complete the UK home buying process:There are many types of property to buy in the UK, and many people who move there choose to buy rather than rent. Prices vary widely from country to country and region to region, but mortgages are available for those who can afford it. Here is a guide to buying a home in the UK:

      • Home ownership in the UK
      • You must buy or rent a property in the UK
      • Can immigrants buy property in the UK?
      • The UK property market and property prices?
      • The cost of buying a home in the UK
      • Financing the purchase of property in the UK
      • Find a property in the UK
      • Home buying process in the UK
      • Transfer to UK property
      • Buy land to build a new property in the UK
      • Buy a new home in the UK
      • Property for sale in the UK
      • Useful resources

Home ownership in the UK

چگونگی خرید ملک و اقامت در انگلستان

Help complete the process of buying a home in the UK: According to the latest statistics, 52.8% of households in the UK own a home, 28.2% are fully self-employed (24.6% are on a mortgage). This figure is lower than the EU average but higher than in European countries such as Germany, France and Switzerland. Home ownership in England increased in the late twentieth century due to the right to buy scheme introduced in the 1980s, where tenants’ associations had the opportunity to buy their homes at a discount. The average age of buyers has increased for the first time in recent years, mainly due to rising house prices. According to a study by the Institute of Financial Studies, home ownership among young people (25 to 34 years old) has halved over the past 20 years.

Should we rent or mortgage a property in the UK?

بازار املاک انگلستان

If you plan to stay in the UK for a long time or are in a certain area, buying a house or apartment in the UK can be a better solution, especially given the record low interest rates on mortgages in recent years. However, renting in the UK may be a better choice for foreigners who intend to stay for only a few years, as repayment of stamp duty and other expenses in the short term, as well as potential income tax of 18-28% if you intend to sell Is hard to be. Renting also allows newcomers to feel relatively close to the neighborhood and, if they find themselves in a situation, be able to accept a quick offer of a real home. For more information on renting in the UK or renting in London, read the expatica guide.

Can immigrants buy property in the UK?

از نماینده املاک و مستغلات خودم چه باید بپرسم؟

There are no legal restrictions on buying immigrant property in the UK. Foreigners and non-residents can also take out a loan in the UK, although people who have lived in the UK for less than two years and have no UK job may face more stringent conditions and may even have to pay more. The guide to the completeUK home buying process should state that when buying a home in the UK, you should appoint a UK consultant or transferor who deals with legal documents. In general, the same tax is levied on income and property related to property other than the British. The stamp duty is paid at the same rate, and if the property is sold at a profit, the capital gains tax is paid at the same rate. If you are not the temporary owner of a property in the UK, you must pay rental income tax to the owners of the same property, although you can get an exemption if you pay income tax on this property. But your country has a double tax agreement with Britain.

We suggest you follow the UK Visa Prerequisites article

The property market and property prices in the UK

خرید خانه در انگلستان

As an article about The whole process of buying a home in the UK Since the Brexit vote in 2016, there has been uncertainty about the UK property market, although the average house price across the UK has remained relatively stable and is currently around 8 228,000. Homes in the UK are more expensive than anywhere else in the EU, and the average cost per square meter is currently € 23.93. Prices are more expensive in London than in other major cities, currently averaging 47 473 22 822 (12 912,343 for a detached house, 11 411,950 for an apartment). The average total cost of other major cities includes – 19 193,415 Manchester; Edinburgh 29 292,644; Cardiff ، 250,618; And Belfast 15 159,562.

The cost of buying a home in the UK

هزینه خرید خانه

Costs associated with buying a home in the UK can be roughly divided into upfront costs and running costs.

Preliminary costs of buying a home in the UK

This includes:

  • Tax stamp – This fee applies to all property purchases over ، 125,000 at a rate of between -12 2-12 (or -1 3-13 for second homes or purchase permits). With this calculator you can pay tax stamps.
  • Deposit – If you take out a mortgage to buy a home in the UK, you will have to pay a fee, which is usually between 5-40% of the cost of the property.
  • Mortgage Costs – If you take out a mortgage to buy your home, there are several costs involved, including logistics costs, booking costs and appraisal costs. These can 2000 thousand pounds add to the costs;
  • Legal fees – To represent you, you will need to hire a solicitor or transferor, whether or not to get a loan. These costs can be higher than 1000pound;
  • Land Registration Fees – These are paid to the UK Government for the transfer of property rights to a new owner. Find out more about costs here;

Constant costs for buying a home in the UK

هزینه های مداوم خرید خانه-min

This includes:

  • Mortgage repayment – You must start repaying your mortgage one month after you buy your home in the UK.
  • Maintenance – If you bought a new building or house in good condition, these should be reasonably low, although you still need to budget to spend. If you are buying a house in the UK that requires a lot of work, it makes sense to be able to raise the necessary funds to invest in the property.
  • Insurance – Building insurance and home insurance are both important. See this insurance guide in the UK.
  • Regular bills – Depending on the value of your property, you will have to pay council taxes, plus utility bills such as gas, water and electricity.
  • Lease Cost – If you are buying a rental property, there may be additional costs such as renting the land, which can be تا 50 to. 100 a year.

Financing the purchase of property in the UK

Loans in the UK

If you need credit tobuy a property in the UK, for non-British nationals you can get an investment loan from a UK bank or mortgage broker, or from an international bank such as HSBC which provides services in English. Most mortgage lenders offer different types of fixed and variable rate loans and you will need to deposit, which is usually between 5-40% (usually more for non-residents). Overseas home loan securities may also be secured against existing assets, but they may also have tax consequences. The cost of arranging a loan also varies depending on the lender, but can include the cost of booking and arranging the loan or the cost of completing it. Read more in our UK Mortgage Guide.

Find a property in the UK

پیدا کردن خانه در انگلستان

Homes for sale in the UK are mostly listed on real estate agents and on their websites, on online real estate websites and in newspapers.. You can also find real estate for sale in real estate auctions by searching for specific areas, looking for signs of “sale” outside the property, and contacting your real estate agent. Regardless of finding a list, they usually provide you with the contact information of a private seller or real estate agent.

An internet search of many online property websites showing a list of UK properties for sale reveals that you can find more details on finding a property by finding an Expatica home search.

Real estate agents in the UK

نمایندگان املاک در انگلستان-min

Real estate agents or agents are a common way to find a home because they conduct their searches according to your profile, extensive local knowledge, and generally a wider range of property listings. They can also arrange visits for you and also help negotiate prices and purchase steps.

When buying a property in the UK through a dealer, it is important to ask what their services include. Many UK real estate agents offer adjustment services that can make the process faster and less expensive for you, but you can also buy property in the UKwith enough expertise depending on your circumstances and budget. Real estate agency fees are usually borne by the seller, so you do not have to pay for public services if you buy, although some may cost extra for additional services. Visit the introductory section to see what costs you may incur.

You can register several companies in the UK at the same time and they must be members of the National Association of Real Estate Agents. You can find real estate agents in your area on the Rightmove website.

View and select a property

انتخاب خانه در انگلستان

Tobuy property in the UK You can visit directly with the seller or through an asset representative. These are done by appointment, and if you are with a representative, you will have to meet them at the property address or at the representative’s office if you are close. To get the most out of an observation, make a list of things to look for and ask questions about (for example, is the room damp or wet? What kind of storage is there?). View a property several times, but it makes sense to view it at least twice – ideally at different times of the day (day and night). Some real estate agents offer the option of special remote viewing via the Internet, which can be useful for those who are overseas or have busy schedules, but this information can not help you as much as public visits. And provide the same in-depth information and understanding of the property. If you can not attend a visit in person, try to introduce a friend or colleague to visit on your behalf and also see yourself online if possible.

Home buying process in the UK

روند خرید خانه

The full guide to buying a home in the UK should be stated in the guide article, which typically takes 2-3 months, but will be longer if you are in the chain of buyers and sellers waiting to buy or sell other properties.

Before you start finding a home, you need to get your financial estimate to know how much you can spend, whether it is a mortgage or your personal capital. It also avoids unnecessary delays after accepting your offer, or if you need to move quickly to secure your ideal home. Once you find the property you want to buy, these are the main steps.

Make a suggestion

ارائه یک پیشنهاد برای خرید ملک

After financing, you can make an offer for UK real estate, which can be done orally or in writing through a real estate agent or directly with a private seller. After accepting the offer, the seller is responsible for drawing up the legal transfer agreement. In the United Kingdom, Wales and Northern Ireland, the offer is not legally binding until contracts are exchanged. In Scotland, however, where offers are communicated through proxy, it is different from the standard UK property buying process. For more information on buying property in Scotland, visit the Scottish Government website.

You can ask for a price below or more when offering a price. Note how long it takes to buy a property in the UK market and talk to a real estate agent or other real estate consultant. Note that you can evaluate the time of purchase of the property in the market and present it with another real estate agent or real estate consultant.

Hiring a lawyer (consultant)

استخدام مشاور جهت خرید ملک

The point in the article is the complete process of buying a home In the UK, we should not forget that you will need a consultant to do the legal work of selling (borrowing if the loan comes out). Registered consultants and legal advisors can be found through the Legal Association. Advocacy fees can vary, and many are charged at an hourly rate. They usually cost between 500 500 and 00 5,500 plus VAT for real estate work. Your counselor or attorney will represent you at all stages of buying a home and will check with local authorities to see if the plan There are issues or local issues that may or may not affect the value of the property.

Take a poll

نظر سنجی برای خرید خانه

Your mortgagee will arrange an appraisal of your property, but you may want to conduct an appraisal of your property, taking into account possible maintenance costs. You can pay a review fee if you identify issues that allow you to reduce your initial bid, but they can be saved in the long run. Various types of surveys are available, including:

  • Royal Institute of Informed Surveyors (RICS) Status Report – This is a major “traffic light” survey often used for newly built homes. This does not include advice or evaluation. It costs 250 pounds.
  • RICS Landlord Report – This is a more detailed survey that includes an assessment and typically costs around 400 400.
  • Building or Structural Review – Recommended for older homes that do not need repair. It typically costs 600 Pound.

You can compare survey quotes in your area through the RICS search tool.

Finalize offers and loans

دریافت وام و نهایی کردن آن

If you do a survey and identify real estate issues, you may want to go back and renegotiate the price based on the new information. If you are applying for a loan, you may need to evaluate the property for a lower price, as your lender will likely reduce the amount you want to lend. After finalizing the offer and accepting it, you must pay the deposit amount and finalize your loan.

Attention: This is the last chance you have to go out of business before exchanging contracts. Your mortgage loan offers you 7 days to accept the loan offer. You can cancel and withdraw after registering for a loan, but you will lose some of the costs involved in paying the loan.

Exchange of contracts

مبادله قرارداد

If there is no problem or delay, you will receive the contract from the seller’s attorney to sign and complete the sale. Check the details of the contract with your lawyer and ask for corrections if necessary. Once you are satisfied with the contract, you can sign it. This means that you are committed to selling. The contract must include all the main details such as price and completion date as well as any terms of sale.

Complete sales and final arrangements

تکمیل فروش و ترتیبات نهایی

After concluding the contracts, the money for the sale will be transferred from your proxy account and your lender account to the seller’s power of attorney account. At this point you will receive the key to your new home. You will now have to pay the mortgage and fees. Your solicitor must record the terms of the land sale and pay any stamps (these costs are usually added to your statutory bill).

Get insurance

بیمه ساختمان

We provide as an article in connection with the guide The whole process of buying a property in the UK is our duty to state that if you take out a mortgage or buy a property, you must buy building insurance that protects the property from damage caused by things like fire and flood. You can also use home equity insurance to protect your furniture and property. Many insurance companies offer homeowners insurance that covers both the building and its contents. For more information on available forms of insurance, see our UK Insurance Guide.

Utilities and Communications

انتقال آب و برق و ارتباطات

in the article The complete process of buying a home in the UK We want to make an important point. After logging in (or even before doing work), you can arrange communication devices such as electricity, water and gas, and if they are connected, transfer them to your name. Many people in the UK decide to stay in the same home with the same gas and electricity providers and easily change their address. This is compatible with TV, Internet and landline phones because many providers offer packages including all three, so it is usually easier for people to stay in their existing packages. Read more in our guide to setting up services in the UK and setting up TV, telephone and internet in the UK.

Association Tax (Council)

All residents of the UK, whether landlord or tenant, must pay council tax on their home. When you enter the country, inform your local authorities and they will send you a one-year council tax bill. Costs are related to the value of your property and people living alone receive a 25% discount.

Buy land to build a new property in the UK

خرید زمین برای ساخت خانه

If you do not want to buy a house in the UK that already exists, another option is to build the house yourself. About 13,000 people in the UK do this each year. You need to buy a design with planning permission. These items can be obtained online through some local property representatives and councils. Costs vary but as a relative guide, the cost of the design can be between 30-50% of the total value of the house and the building around 30-40% of the total value. Most of the land is in Brownfield (formerly developed) land. You can search for designs on websites like PlotBrowser and Plotfinder.

Buy a new home in the UK

خرید خانه جدید در انگستان

The UK government is committed to building around 300,000 new homes a year by mid-2020, providing incentives for people under 40 to buy. Buying a home in the UK can be a daunting task. Everything in the property is brand new and comes with a 10-year warranty against structural defects. In addition, in the event of an illegal purchase, you may select design aspects.

However, there are drawbacks such as possible delays in the completion of the building, and it can be more difficult to get a loan for new construction with some lenders. You should also look for defects (known as “snags”) that you may encounter if the sales team is informed at the point of sale. The process of buying a new building and getting a mortgage is almost similar to a property that has already been built. Most new construction is rental, not free ownership, which means you own the building but the land on which it was built is for you and you may have to pay the annual rent. If you are renting a new building, make sure it does not double the rent.

Property for sale in the UK

فروش خانه در انگلستان

You can sell your home in the UK at any time, even though you have a mortgage and are in negative pay (ie the value of the home is not less than the mortgage on it), you have to bear these losses alone. You can sell your home privately or through a real estate agent (long distance or online dealer) but if you use one of them as well as the costs of a power of attorney used by you during the sale, you will have to You pay for real estate agency fees. Contact Trajons Immigration Consultants for more information oninvesting in the UK by buying or selling a home and staying in the UK.

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