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Investment programs in Canada

چالش ها و تهدیدات احتمالی در انگلستان

Federal Investment Program

* This app is terminated. There are currently no plans to restart this program. The Federal Investment Immigration Program allows eligible immigrant investors to gain permanent status in Canada through a 5-year, $ 800,000 guaranteed investment from their own budget through an authorized agent. From Diggs Canada Residence Programs We Recommend Article Permanent residence in Canada Do not miss.

Federal Risk Investment Program

If you are a savvy business owner or manager with a personal net worth of more than $ 10 million, you may be eligible to participate in the Federal Risk Investment Trial Program. Eligible applicants for an investment visa (permanent residence) are required to make a $ 2 million unsecured investment for 15 years.

Quebec Investment Program

Immigrant investors seeking to plant roots in the province of Quebec can do so by applying for a Quebec Investment Visa. For more familiarity of the article Quebec Investment Program Follow this province. Applicants with a minimum net worth of $ 2 million and management experience in legal, commercial, industrial or professional agriculture. Eligible investors will need to make a five-year investment with a $ 1.2 million guarantee.

Provincial candidate programs for investors

Some provinces can use their investment programs in the Provincial Candidate Program to apply for an immigration visa to Canada. To learn more about this program, do not missthe provincial candidate programs. Each province creates its own set of rules and qualifications based on the economy, opportunities and gaps in its market. If you are interested in living and investing in a particular province, you can apply for a Canadian Investment Immigrant Visa to begin your journey through your provincial immigration program.

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