Staying in the UK by marriage, like in many other countries, is one way people can immigrate to the UK.

Therefore, in the valley of immigration law,to settle and live in England, This is especially important given the desire of foreign immigrants to stay in the country. However, according to the laws in this field, it is not only possible to deal with the international aspects of this issue, but it is also necessary to enter into the domestic law of England and to understand the marriage of foreigners in England or immigration by Residence through marriage in the UK escaped it.

Applicants entering this country through this must remember some of these parameters so as not to have trouble registering or entering this country. On the other hand, make the choice with the necessary awareness. Marriage in the UK is divided into several categories. In the first division ofmarriage in England, it can be registered in both civil and religious forms.

At the request of the parties, it is registered with reference to the competent authorities who are government officials in civil marriage and church officials in religious marriage. Over the decades, this institution has undergone many changes. The minimum age for marriage in the UK is sixteen years. If the parties are under the age of eighteen and over the age of sixteen, they need the permission of their parents or legal guardians. Some relatives were barred from marrying by law. There is a procedure for each form of marriage that couples are required to follow. In the case of foreigners and immigrants, other conditions are necessary, which we will address below. It seems that two assumptions can be made by referring to the international rules as well as the domestic law of England.

Residence and marriage in the UKafter immigration

People other than nationals wishing to reside and marry in the UK must go through a special procedure. It is first necessary to distinguish between nationals of European Economic Area member states and others. Non-member countries must apply for a special visa before entering the UK. Without such a visa, the competent authority will not be able to announce the marriage and perform the ceremony. These people need such a visa to enter the UK and get married or form a civil partnership. Applicants for this procedure must meet certain parameters of UK marriage law.

If persons other than nationals of the Contracting States of the European Economic Area who are subject to immigration control must apply to the Marriage Registry at least 28 days before the marriage takes place in the United Kingdom. The application for marriage registration varies according to the conditions of the applicants.

Conditions for applying for marriage in the UK

If one of the parties is a British citizen or resident there.

In this situation, two decisions are made. If the other party intends to stay in the UK for more than six months, they must apply for a resident visa. After receiving the visa and entering the UK, this person must get married within six months and then apply for a three-year visa. Otherwise return to your country. If the applicant intends to stay in the UK for less than six months, he or she must apply for a UK marriage and civil visa. After the expiration of his visa, the person must return to his country and apply for a three-year visa from within his own country. You must prove that you left the UK before the visa expired and that you did not receive government funding while you were there.

  • If one of the parties is a national of the European Economic Area.

If the person is a permanent resident of the United Kingdom and has proof of this, the other party can apply for a resident family visa. If the person is not resident in the United Kingdom, the other party can apply for family permits from members of the European Economic Area contract to join their partner. In this case, the parties usually have to prove that they have been in a relationship for 2 years.

  • If neither party is a national of the United Kingdom or a member of the European Economic Area and does not reside in those countries.

These people must apply for a visitor marriage visa or civil status.

After receiving a visa and entering the country, the parties must apply for residence and marriage in the United Kingdom. At this stage, the situation of the immigrants bears similarities with that of the British subjects. The parties must declare their marriage for at least 28 days at the marriage registry office. To do so, the parties must have lived in the UK for at least 7 days. If the parties are not subject to the Immigration Office’s control plan, they must apply to the local marriage registration office and provide evidence that they are not included in the immigration plan.

If one of the parties has the following conditions, it is possible to increase the notice period:

A) If it is not a citizen of the member countries of the aforementioned contract. B) has no immigration status or is limited c) does not provide sufficient proof of residence in the UK. In this case, the central office will conduct another investigation to find out enough about the situation of the parties.


Prerequisites for residence and marriage in the UK

When receiving any of the above visas, there are conditions that also apply to UK domestic law. One of the most important requirements for obtaining a residence and marriage visa in the United Kingdom is that due to the criminalization of polygamy, applicants for the above visas must comply with this condition. The minimum age for marriage is also mandatory. To obtain these visas, one must be able to prove that one and the other spouse have the minimum wage requirement. On the other hand, the parties must be able to prove that their purpose in marriage is not to obtain residency and that their relationship is real.

Documents required to register residence and marriage in the UK

To reside and marry in the UK, submit identification documents (containing name, date of birth, nationality and address) to the relevant authority. And if either party is a party to the Economic Zone Agreement, it must provide information about its immigration status to the Marriage Registry. Under UK law, there is a fee for these measures that must be paid.

Immigrating to the UK after marriage

If one of the parties wants to obtain a residence permit in the United Kingdom through marriage, he / she can obtain a marriage visa in the United Kingdom after legally registering the marriage with another, by providing the necessary documents, including a marriage certificate. In this case, the spouse must be resident in the UK. Residence alone is sufficient and citizenship is not required. This person must determine where he or she lives with his or her spouse and prove financial ability to support the family. Another requirement for a UK resident to take his or her spouse is that he or she has worked in the UK for six months and paid taxes.

Two points are necessary after stating these explanations. Citizenship after residency and marriage in the UK is not automatically transferred to the applicant and registration is required. The second point, which is especially evident after the comparison of British law with Iranian law, is that a person residing in the United Kingdom does not necessarily have to be a husband, and the wife can also provide the grounds for obtaining British residence for her husband.

When applying for a residence and marriage visa in the UK to the embassy, the parties must inform the embassy of their intention. In the above explanations, an attempt was made to provide necessary and clear information about residence and marriage in England and immigration to England in this way. This information can familiarize people with the conditions and methods to act consciously, but the complexity of the process necessitates an immigration lawyer.

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