Canadian Slope Sponsor

اسپانسر شیب کانادا و شرایط آن

Sponsorship Canada:As a country committed to family reunification and caring for loved ones, it offers a number of immigration programs.

The program gives Canadians the opportunity to support their family members in Canada as a Canadian Slope Sponsor.

One of the most popular immigration programs in Canada is family sponsorship programs, which allow citizens and permanent residents to bring their essential spouse and family members to Canada with little processing time.

Canada recognizes the important point that the family should never be in danger.

Canada Slope Sponsorship for Family Class Visas includes the following:

Financial support from a spouse or customary partner

حمایت مالی از همسر یا شریک عرفی

Under the Canada Slope Sponsorship Program, applicants living in Canada can also obtain a freelance work permit,sponsored by their spouse or partner, giving couples the opportunity to cover some of their financial expenses.

Spouses’ open employment permits allow them to work in Canada while their sponsorship application is being processed.

Because Canada recognizes common partnerships, if you and your partner are not married but have lived together for at least a year, you may be eligible to apply for spouse support.
To learn more about Canadian provincial programs, we suggest you read the article on Canadian provincial programs below

Support the child or other dependent

حکایت از کودک یا سایر افراد وابسته

If you are migrating to Canada, you can choose and offer your children as permanent child support with your application for permanent residence under the Canadian Slope Sponsor Program. Under these circumstances, if you decide not to reject them, or are unable to do so at that time, they may join you later in Canada. The Canada Child Support Program allows Canadians and permanent residents to support their biological or adopted children under the age of 22 until they are married and have children.

Financial support from parents or grandparents

حمایت مالی والدین یا والدین آنها

Canada has expanded its commitment to integrating Canadian citizens’ families with their parents and grandparents through the Parental Support Program. For more information, do not miss theAtlantic Migration Pilot Program (AIPP).

To support parents or grandparents, the Canadian Slope Sponsor Program calls on citizens and permanent residents to provide financial support by providing the minimum required income (MNI) for their family population. They should also agree to provide financial support to their sponsored family members if necessary. Supporters who are unable to provide permanent support to their parents or grandparents may be eligible for a Super Visa,Long-stay,Multipleentry Visa for Canadian Citizens’ Parents and Permanent Residents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Support

Can I support those who are not essential members of my family? (Like cousin or cousin, etc.)

No, except under very special circumstances, the Family Class program only allows citizens and permanent residents to sponsor spouses or common-law partners, dependent children, parents and grandparents. If you have legally adopted your child, you can sponsor any unnecessary family members (for example, niece, nephew), in which case they can meet the definition of dependent children.

Will my spouse or partner work while their spouse support application is being processed in Canada?

If your spouse or legal partner lives in Canada with a valid work permit, they may be able to continue working without interruption until their visa expires. If they live in Canada on a valid student visa or visitor visa, they may also be eligible to apply for a free work permit while their application is being processed.

How long does it take for my spouse to request support?

Spousal sponsorship programs are typically processed over a period of 12 months.

Should my spouse or partner work while their spouse is seeking support outside of Canada?

If your spouse or customary partner does not live in Canada, they are not eligible to apply for a work permit for their spouses. However, if they meet the criteria for a Canadian work permit, they may be able to apply for a regular work permit while their financial support is being processed. Note that having an ongoing application for permanent residence may affect temporary residence applications such as work permits.

I have adopted a child, do I have to wait until this process is final to ask for their support?

Not. If the approval is in the final stages, you can start your own sponsorship.

Do I have to have the minimum income to support my spouse?

Spousal sponsorship The sponsor does not need to have the minimum income to support his or her spouse or partner unless they have no dependent children of their own.

What is a "facility marriage"?

A facilitated marriage is a customary marriage or relationship whose sole purpose is to immigrate to Canada as a spouse or customary partner. If the visa officer examining your case determines that your relationship is a marriage of convenience, your spouse’s request for financial support may be rejected. Facilitated marriages constitute marital fraud and may also lead to criminal charges.