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* Overview

* Qualification

*Documents that you must provide

* How to apply

* Request an extension

*Change other visas to this type of visa


Who is eligible for this type of visa?

you must:

  • Have an unrestricted offer from the place where the training takes place with a valid sponsor for a fourth row visa.
  • Have enough money to cover your expenses and your training course, which varies depending on your circumstances.
  • You need to read the guide carefully to know the complete list of required documents and how much money you need according to your circumstances.

Your training course

You can choose courses that are taught related to the following:

  • National curriculum
  • Regulated Eligibility Framework (RQF)
  • Private School Educational Review Standards (http://www.isi.net)

You can also have a course that is accepted at the same level of education. via:

  • Office for Education Standards (Ofsted)
  • HM Board of Education (in Scotland)
  • Stan (in Wales)
  • Board of Education Inspectors (in Northern Ireland)
  • Board of Inspectors of Private Schools
  • You can take a short course to prepare you for the main training course.
  • You can not take a basic course that prepares you for direct entry into a higher education institution.

Certificate of Admission to Study (CAS)

Once your instructor has enrolled you in the course, they will give you a reference number called the Certificate of Admission to Study (CAS). You are required to enter this reference number at the time of submitting your application.
Your confirmation of admission will include the prerequisite courses and the main courses of your field of study.
Do not apply for your visa later than 6 months after your acceptance confirmation is sent.

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