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* Overview

* Eligibility

* Documents you must provide

* How to apply

* Request an extension

*Change your current visa to this type of visa

* Family members



you must:

  • Have a certificate of financial support for your work.
  • Prove that you get a decent salary for the job.
  • Have personal savings so that you can support yourself financially when you arrive in the UK.
  • Show that you can travel (you have the cost of the trip) and you must show your travel history in the last 5 years.
  • If you are from a country where you need to have a TB test, you will need TB test results.
  • You can prove that you worked for your employer outside the UK.

Certificate of financial support

The sponsorship certificate holds information about the job offered to you as well as your personal information. This is not a real certificate or paper document. The sponsor will give you the financial support certificate reference number to add to your visa application.

You can only use your financial support certificate reference number once. You must use it 3 months after receiving it.

Appropriate rights

You must receive the minimum wage according to whichever is higher, the type of visa or the rate commensurate with the job offered to you.

Minimum wage:

pounds 41,500 for long-term staff

pounds 23,000 for trainees

Examine the guide carefully. Your rights may vary, for example under different circumstances:

You are renewing your visa number 2 (in-company transfer).

You have been working in the UK for less than a year.

You will be paid on an hourly rate.

You will work for a certain amount of time.

Personal savings

You must have pounds 945 in your bank account 90 days before applying for a visa. This is to prove that you will be able to support yourself financially.

You do not need to prove this if you have a fully certified sponsor (Grade A) who can give you at least 45 945 so you can pay for a month if needed. Your sponsor must confirm this on your financial support certificate.

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