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* Overview

* Eligibility

*Documents that you must provide

* How to apply


You must prove that:

  • Have an unlimited offer from a place that offers training in the UK.
  • Do you have enough money to support yourself without the need for work or financial support from government sources, or can your relatives and friends support you and give you a place to live?
  • You can pay for your return trip or your next trip.

If you are under 18, you should:

  • Plan your trip and stay in the UK.
  • Get permission from your parents or guardian to study in the UK.

Where can you study?

You must be admitted to a Tier 4 licensed course.

Otherwise, you must be admitted to a training course offered by one of the following educational institutions:

  • Language Services Accreditation Office (www.ablsaccreditation.co.uk/schoolaccinfo.asp)
  • International College Accreditation Services (www.asic.org.uk/collegedirectoryUK.php)
  • British accreditation (www.britishcouncil.org/education/accreditation/centres).
  • School Inspection Board (www.bridgeschoolsinspectorate.co.uk/home).
  • British Accreditation Council (www.the-bac.org/accredited-providers/directory).
  • Board of Education Inspection (Northern Ireland) (www.etini.gov.uk).
  • Estyn (in Wales) (www.estyn.gov.uk/english).
  • British Higher Education Financing Council (www.hefce.ac.uk).
  • HM Training Inspectorate (in Scotland)


  • Independent School Inspection Board (www.isi.net/reports).

Learn English as a Foreign Language

If you are applying for an 11-month visa, you must be at least 16 years old and have been accepted into a foreign language course.

Visit the UK as part of overseas courses

If you are at least 16 years old, you can apply for a short-term student visa and study at a higher education institution abroad, only part of your course in the UK.

Your institution should:

  • Have your own national credentials.
  • Only offer part of your training program in the UK.
  • The programs it offers are on par with the credentials of British educational institutions.

Research in the UK for a short time

If you have already enrolled in a study abroad course, you can travel to the UK for a short period of time to research.

To be eligible for this course:

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