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(Apply on the basis of your private life)

Visa based on personal circumstances

You can only apply for a visa based on your personal living conditions if you currently live in the UK.

You must be able to prove the following conditions:

  • You are under 18 and have lived in the UK continuously for 7 years, and it would be unreasonable to expect you to leave the UK.
  • You are between 18 and 24 years old and have lived in the UK continuously for more than half your life.
  • Over the age of 18, you have lived in the UK for over 20 years, and you will have considerable difficulty living in a country where you will have to move. For example, you do not speak the common language of that country and you cannot learn that language.
  • You are over 25 years old and have lived in the UK continuously for 20 years.

Your family members will apply for a previous visa. You will be considered separately.

How to obtain a visa

To apply for this type of visa, please first complete the relevant assessment form.

Your answers will be reviewed by our partners and if you are eligible to receive this type of visa, you will be notified of the next steps of this process by e-mail or phone.

You can also ask your questions at the bottom of this page. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Contact us for information about this type of visa or other items.

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