England’s stunning coastline, pristine and lush beaches and sparkling lakes make it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Eating a complete breakfast is famous and rightly so unique in its kind.

If you are planning to travel to England, never miss the postcard villages that really look like a painting and attend the street parties held in honor of the Queen so you never miss Notting Hill.

the UK

Profile of the United Kingdom

Tourist cities of England


A beautiful and international city with cobbled streets and old walls in the south east of England. This city is 92 km away from London and is very famous in the world for its famous and renowned university. St. Mary’s Church, various museums such as Horse Racing, New Court Building can be mentioned.


A 2,000-year-old city that is the capital of England. Not only is it one of the most populous and touristic cities in the country, but it also has the title of the most populous city in the European Union and is also one of the most important international transport hubs in the world. London has four ancient places: these places in the region Located in Westminster 1. Margaret Church 2 – Tower of London. 3- Greenwich Village 4- It is a royal palace and garden.


A city full of hustle and bustle, the cradle of the two great English football teams with at least seventy South Asian restaurants and the largest airport after London in its heart. The city of the world is 150. The attractions of this city are Castlefield, Museum of Science and Technology, Manchester Cathedral, National Football Museum, Chinese City, Heaton Park, Manchester Art Gallery.


It is a city with a very long history in the north of England and is one of the relatively large cities of this country, therefore it is considered as one of the most popular tourist cities in England. Racial diversity in this city is very low. Rome’s most attractive attractions include the Railway Museum, the Royal Theater of York, the Horse Racing Track, the Viking Museum, Clifford Tower and York University.

UK tourist visa and required documents

1- Sending an invitation by a person who is in close contact with you and is a permanent resident or English citizen.

2. Submitting a UK visa application form

3. Passport photo in color taken in the last six months.

4. Bank statements of the last six months

5. Applicant fingerprint

6.A valid passport has a blank page

7. Biometric information on request for a visa for six months or more at the British Embassy

8- Announcing travel plans along with tickets to the places you intend to visit.

9-Providing information and address of the place of residence during the stay

10- Supporting documents of a person living in the UK who declares that he / she is able to support the applicant’s expenses during his / her stay in the UK.

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