Many people intend to work in the UK in order to obtain UK residency, but you should keep in mind that only people can work in the UK …

Who have completed a course of study in the United Kingdom. This process is possible in such a way that we receive admission for you so that you can be in the UK and after graduation you can find a job, change your visa type from student to work and after a period of permanent residence Get yourself from England.

UK work visa requirements

There are several ways to obtain a work visa in the United Kingdom. One way to obtain a work visa is to receive a work invitation in the United Kingdom from a qualified person who has a reputable company in the United Kingdom, who must also meet the requirements. Have. Another prerequisite for being accepted for a work visa is to be accepted in an advertisement, which during the steps of first 3 months in the country and then 3 months in the European Union, if the person is not found, the labor force will come from Iran or other countries. When a person is accepted in this advertisement, he / she can apply for a visa.

Finding an employer in Europe has special conditions, which we will examine in full below, and the employer, after announcing his job, must consider a salary that covers the entire cost of the individual and his family after hiring the applicant. These salaries should be calculated after deducting the tax cost, whether it is sufficient for the immigrant’s expenses or not.

As a result, if you pay attention, obtaining a work visa in the United Kingdom is a legal matter that must go through the legal process. In the UK, the employer must be able to sponsor. In general, applying for a work visa without a sponsor is usually difficult. Beware of fraudsters who claim to be able to obtain a work visa for you in a short period of time. Do your job, believe me, many of these immigration offices in our country have consultants who are not only unfamiliar with the course of private international law, but have not yet left Iran.

If you want to use this method, the whole process of obtaining a work visa takes between 2 to 9 months, and the applicant can apply for permanent residence after a few years (usually 2 to 5 years), and with today’s laws, this is easily possible. .
Another way to obtain a work visa is to obtain a visa through skill or expertise.

Working in the UK

Another way we can find an employer in the UK and work legally in that country is to enter the UK as a student, and because we are allowed to work part-time while studying, we can do so as soon as possible. If a job is advertised, we should apply for it or wait until the job is over and ask the employer to work in the UK, this is one of the very good ways because after entering the UK, a person enters the country as a student. Has the opportunity to find the job he wants and continue it until after graduation until he can get a work permit through this job and after paying taxes for 3 or 4 years to apply for permanent residence . Finally, there are other ways to enter the UK that are not covered in this brief article.

An important point to note is that people who have studied in the UK can invest 500 50,000 in the UK after graduation and receive UK residency in a short period of time.

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