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Direct air transit visa

If you are from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland then you will need a DATV visa and also:

  • In the UK you will change your flight to another country.
  • You will not cross the immigration control section.

Before applying, check to see if you need a transit visa.

You do not need this visa if you have the following valid documents:

  • EEA Family License.
  • Head office travel document, for example you are a refugee or a homeless person.
  • Standard tourist visitor visa.
  • Marriage tourist visitor visa.

If you are traveling to Ireland, the Channel Islands or Iceland, you must apply for a related tourist visa.

The documents you need

To apply for DATV, you must have a current passport or other valid travel ID card.

You must provide proof that you are allowed to enter the territory of the country you are traveling to. As:

  • Permission to stay.
  • Permission to stay.
  • Valid visa.

If you are a resident or native of the country you are traveling to, you may need to explain why you are going there. You will also be asked to provide details of where you are staying.

Note that you must provide evidence that your next trip has been booked or confirmed, such as:

  • A flight reservation email.
  • Printed tickets.
  • Confirmation of a travel agency.

Your next flight must be within 24 hours of your arrival in the UK.

Carry your visa and documents with you when you cross the UK.

Request from outside the UK

To apply for this type of visa, please first complete the relevant assessment form.

Your answers will be reviewed by our partners and if you are eligible to receive this type of visa, you will be notified of the next steps of this process by e-mail or phone.

You can also ask your questions at the bottom of this page. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Contact us for information about this type of visa or other items.

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