Work visa

There are generally three ways to obtain a work visa.

A) Skilled Worker

In this method, the individual conditions are obtained through a benchmarking system, then if the applicant is able to receive the desired score, he will succeed in receiving this type of visa.

B)Job search

Some countries have problems due to low population and lack of young people, and to solve it, they seek help from experts in other countries, if you get the desired score, you can get this visa.

It is important to note that in any country these cases will be subject to the laws and decisions of their respective governments.

C) Job offer

In this case, you need an employer to offer you a job that has been advertised for three months in the UK and another three months in the Schengen area, and if you are not recruited and the job remains vacant, you will be offered a job. You can get your work visa

Please make sure that your salary, including the taxes you are about to pay, is sufficient and that you are able to support yourself.

Conditions for obtaining a UK work visa

1- You must have a certificate of support for your work.

2. Prove that you get the right salary for your job.

3- You must prove your knowledge of English.

4. You must have enough savings to cover your expenses while staying in the UK

5- If you want to work for a vulnerable group such as children or the elderly, you must provide a certificate of no criminal record from the country where you lived for 12 months.

6- If you have applied for a visa from a country that needs TB testing, be sure to provide the results of the TB test.

Note that if you enter the UK on a student visa, if the rules do not change, you can convert your student visa into a work visa, and after receiving the necessary conditions for your desired job, if you regularly pay your taxes and insurance payYou can apply for permanent residence.

Jobs that are highly attractive in the UK:

A) IT engineering (programmer, analyst, etc.)

B) Chef

C) Doctor and nurse

D) The musician

E) Civil Engineer

E) Environmental specialist

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