Ontario invites Express Entry candidates in 2020

دعوت انتاریو از کاندیداهای اکسپرس اینتری

Ontario Invites Express Entry Candidates for 2020 in 10 Skilled Jobs Nurses, Managers and Accountants are just some of the Ontario Skilled Jobs that are invited to apply for a Provincial Candidate.
Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, has invited 486 Express Entry candidates to apply for provincial residency on February 13. The Ontario Immigrant Candidate Program (OINP) has issued invitations to eligible immigrant candidates as notices of interest ( NOIs) are also known.
Candidates who qualified for the Human Capital Priorities (HCP) flow required a score in the 467-471 Comprehensive Rating System (CRS). A total of 10 different NOC codes were targeted in the recent lottery. Candidates have 45 days to apply after receiving their NOI. Those who do not apply within this deadline will not be considered for the provincial candidate. Candidates do not need to be invited Do not have a job offer but need:

They will have work experience in the following job positions:

  • Financial Managers, NOC Code 0111
  • Other administrative service managers, code NOC 0114
  • Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising Managers, NOC Code 0124
  • Corporate sales managers, code NOC 0601
  • Wholesale and retail trade managers, code NOC 0621
  • Managers in personal and customer service, code NOC 0651
  • Financial auditors and accountants, NOC code 1111
  • Other financial agents, code NOC 1114
  • Professional Jobs in Business Management Consulting, Code NOC 1122
  • Registered Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses, Code NOC 3012

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The OINP website says about Ontario inviting Express Entry candidates in 2020:

“Through this dedicated approach, we help businesses make it easier to hire top talent from around the world.”
OINP met with shareholders across the province through surveys and face-to-face consultations. This helped them choose job priority priorities for the lottery.
If candidates invited to the lottery receive a Provincial Candidate nomination from Ontario, an additional 600 points will be added to their total CRS score as a reward, which will result in them being invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada in the Express Entry lottery. Guarantees.
To be considered a provincial candidate through the HCP program, the first step is to register your profile in the Express Entry archive.