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Province of British Columbia

بریتیش کلمبیا

Located on the west coast of Canada, British Columbia is known for the beauty and naturalness of the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The province’s economic growth and labor needs have made it a top destination for immigration to Canada.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), also known as the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), is a set of immigration routes that enable foreign nationals to obtain permanent Canadian residency in the province of British Columbia. The PNP is strategically designed to attract migrants to areas that benefit the province: Skilled labor force, labor force in sectors with labor shortages, entrepreneurs and investors. The province has several migration flows that are divided into two categories:

  • Skilled Immigration British Columbia
  • British Columbia Entrepreneurial Migration

Skilled Immigration British Columbia

مهاجرت مهارتی بریتیش کلمبیا

Skilled immigration to British Columbia targets foreign nationals who have the necessary skills to join the province’s workforce. British Columbia Skilled Migration Paths emphasizes immigrants who have the prospect of employment in British Columbia and the experience they need to secure and maintain employment as residents of the province.

  • Skilled British Columbia workforce
  • British Columbia health professionals
  • British Columbia International Alumni
  • Graduates of International Postgraduate Studies in British Columbia
  • British Columbia Entry and Semi-Skilled Workforce (ELSS)

British Columbia Express Entry

Candidates do not need to be eligible to apply for Express Entry of British Columbia Skilled Immigration Currents. However, many of the British Columbia Skilled Migration programs provide a faster route to eligible permanent residency for eligible candidates with active Enter Express profiles. To determine if you are offered an Internet Express route, see the steps for using each stream.

British Columbia Entrepreneurial Migration

Entrepreneurial immigration to British Columbia targets foreign nationals and companies that have proven success in business ownership, management and investment. Individual entrepreneurs with significant net worth of personal assets and high-income international companies can immigrate to Canada with new investments in the province.

  • British Columbia Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurial regional leaders of British Columbia
  • British Columbia Strategic Projects

British Columbia Technology Leadership Program

The British Columbia Technology Leadership Program targets skilled foreign nationals working in one of the technical occupations in British Columbia. Technology leadership is aligned with British Columbia Skills Immigration, so interested applicants should review the various currents in the Skills Immigration Group. British Columbia technology leadership enables eligible foreign nationals to receive faster processing and additional resources through applications.

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