Express Entry system application steps

سیستم اکسپرس اینتری کانادا

The Canadian Express Entry system provides a two-step process for applicants interested in immigrating to Canada.

In the first step, a candidate prepares his / herexpress entry profile and sends it to the candidates’ archive. If a bidder has a competitive score in the Comprehensive Rating System (CRS), their details will be selected in the Express Entry Lottery and they will receive an ITA invitation for permanent residence in Canada. Receiving an ITA means that the candidate has entered the second stage of the process.

Second, after receiving the ITA, the candidate is given 60 days to prepare and submit a formal application for permanent residency in Canada. The application is submitted electronically through the Canadian Immigration, Asylum and Citizenship Online (IRCC) website. Applicants are required to scan and submit electronic copies of all documents. For this reason, it is formally referred to as the Electronic Permanent Residence Application in Canada (eAPR).

The IRCC states that 80% of eAPRs are processed within 6 months or sooner after submission. If an application is approved, the applicant and all family members will be granted a travel visa, which will allow them to travel to a Canadian border crossing (POE) to obtain official proof of permanent residence!

Necessary documents for Express Entry

مدارک لازم جهت اکسپرس اینتری

An e-Application for Permanent Residence in Canada (eAPR) is a detailed application. Based on these documents, a Canadian immigration officer will decide whether to grant permanent residency to the applicant. For this reason, it is very important to provide all the requested information and documents in a clear and concise manner. If the applicant is unable to provide any of the requested documents within the requested time frame, he / she must provide a written letter explaining why they are not eligible.

eapar has two main parts:

  • Personal history
  • Documentation

The applicant must first provide a complete and accurate personal history for himself or herself and all accompanying family members. The applicant must then provide evidence of personal history claims. Entering incorrect or misleading information or documentation is a serious crime. Failure to do so may result in charges of providing incorrect information and a five-year ban from entering Canada.

The following is a list of the most commonly requested documents for eAPR. Note that these documents are not sent in hard copy. They must be scanned and uploaded electronically to the IRCC web portal. The documentation may vary depending on the specifications of each file.

Identification and travel documents

مدارک شناسایی و مسافرتی به کانادا

Applicants must provide valid passports for themselves and their accompanying family members. Identity cards may also be required for dependent children. If the applicant has earned a residency permit for relatives in Canada, they must also have identification documents for these relatives.

Academic certificates

Depending on the candidate’s profile, the principal applicant and his or her spouse or regular partner will usually have to provide documentation of the highest level of education they have claimed in their application. Applicants are required to provide transcripts, diplomas and a valid Certificate of Educational Assessment (ECA) for each of the claimed qualifications. Please note that the ECA report is only required for qualifications that have received CRS scores.

Language skills

Language skills

Applicants must provide the results of a formal language test for any language claimed by them or their spouse / regular partner. There are two officially accepted English language tests:

  • Canadian English Language Index Program (CELPIP)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Language Skills – General Education

There is only one official language test accepted for French:

  • French Evaluation Test (TEF)

Work experience

تجربه کاری

Work experience

The principal applicant and his or her spouse or customary partner are required to provide documentation to support the work experience claimed in their application. Applicants must submit a valid reference letter containing all data requested by the IRCC that supports each employment period. Learn more about reference letter writing tips with Trajons Advice.

Immigration Note: Any employment over 10 years does not require documents.

Certificate of no criminal record

عدم سابقه کیفری

All adults included in the application must present a valid police certificate from any country where they have been present for more than 6 months of their life. This includes countries you have traveled to for vacation or leisure. Failure to provide even a single police certificate alone may result in your request being returned. If the applicant has a criminal record, his or her application may be denied due to non-criminal admission.

medical tests

آزمایش پزشکی

The principal applicant, normal spouse or partner, and all dependent children must undergo a medical examination performed by an IRCC-certified physician. If any family member has a medical condition that poses a risk to public health or causes oversupply in Canadian health or social services, their application will likely be rejected due to medical non-acceptance.

Note: If an application is approved, all travel visa applicants will be allowed to travel to Canada to select public relations documents. This travel visa is usually valid for one year from the date of the medical examination.

Proof of financial support required

شغلهای درخواستی

Applicants invited to apply through the Federal Skilled Workforce (FSW) and Federal Skills Jobs (FST) programs must demonstrate that they have sufficient budget support to settle their accounts in Canada. Refer to the financial capital required for housing to determine how much will be required and what supporting documents will be accepted. Please note that applicants from the Canadian Experience Group (CEC) as well as individuals with a valid job offer from a Canadian employer are exempt from this requirement.

marital status

Marital status

The applicant must provide evidence of their current and past cohabitation. For example, we can mention the marriage certificate, proof of customary status, divorce certificate, etc.

Job offer and certification

پیشنهاد شغلی و گواهی تایید صلاحیت

If the applicant claims to have the privilege of a valid job offer, they must provide documents proving the legitimacy of the offer. This also applies to applicants who have applied through federal skill jobs and claim this privilege along with a certificate of competency.

Government processing costs

Government processing costs

Applicants must provide all government processing costs when submitting the eAPR.

Authentic translations

Documents submitted in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by a valid English or French translation.

Invite to request: What is the next program?

دعوت به درخواست دادن: برنامه بعدی چیست

After submitting the eAPR, your documents will be processed. According to the IRCC, about 80% of eAPRs are processed within 6 months of submission. If an officer has a question or needs more information, he or she will always have the right to request additional evidence. Check your account regularly to see if a message or update has been issued to you. If approved, the applicant and all family members will be issued a travel visa that will allow them to travel to one of Canada’s entry points (POEs) where they can obtain official permanent residency documents!

After receiving permanent residency in Canada, individuals must be trained in public relations law to be eligible to renew their permanent residency card or apply for Canadian citizenship.