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Province of Alberta, Canada

استان آلبرتا کانادا

The province of Alberta, Canada is the agricultural hub for Canada and is located in western Canada. The province is located on vast oil reserves, as a result of which its oil industry is flourishing. Alberta is located in Calgary and Edmonton, bordering the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the west.

Important updates:

As of June 14, 2018, Alberta has introduced two new PNP programs, which include: Alberta Express Entry and Alberta Opportunities. The province has closed two of its previous programs, which include the following: Alberta Strategic Hiring and Alberta-Centered Employer Program.

The province has several immigration programs that fall into the following three categories:

  • Alberta Opportunity Program
  • Alberta Express Entry
  • Alberta Agricultural Self-Employment

The province has announced plans to close two of its past programs in June 2018:

  • Alberta Strategic Recruitment
  • Alberta-centered employer program

The Alberta Opportunities Program was launched in June 2018. The target community of this program is foreign nationals who are currently working in Alberta and have a formal employment offer from their employer in Alberta in order to continue working full time in the province. Applicants for this program must meet a wide range of minimum requirements in relation to work experience, job offer, language skills and education.

Alberta Express Entry Program

برنامه اکسپرس اینتری آلبرتا

The Province of Alberta Canadahas an Express Entry program launched in June 2018. This program allows the province to select from the provincial candidates the cases that have active profiles in the Express Entry system. Alberta automatically tracks profiles on FedEx Entry. While the exact criteria for this selection are not known, AINP says it will look for candidates who have strong ties to Alberta and can support economic development and diversity in the region.

Express Entry candidates who receive their provincial nominee through this app will receive a 600-point increase in their Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) score, which almost guarantees that they will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Receive permanent residence in Canada in the next stage of their Express Entry.

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AINP Agricultural Self-Employment Program

برنامه خود اشتغالی کشاورزی AINP

The Alberta Canada Agricultural Self-Employment Program targets foreign nationals with extensive experience in owning and operating a farm that includes sufficient financial resources to build a new agricultural project in Alberta. Candidates for the program should consult with the province and submit a detailed proposal outlining their plan to set up a new farm in Alberta.

AINP Strategic Recruitment Program (closed)

برنامه استخدام استراتژیک AINP (بسته شده)

This app closed on June 14, 2018. New requests for this will no longer be accepted.

Alberta Canada’s strategic recruitment program is currently closed. When active, it included a wide range of immigration programs that looked at Alberta labor candidates. This stream already includes the following three programs:

  • Alberta Forced and Professional Deals
  • Alberta Engineering Jobs
  • Alberta Graduate Workforce

AINP client-centric program (closed)

برنامه کارفرما محور AINP (بسته شده)

This app closed on June 14, 2018. New requests for this will no longer be accepted.

The Alberta Canada-based employer-centric program is currently closed. Once active, it can offer immigration options to applicants who offer a valid job offer from an employer in Alberta. This program previously included the following three programs:

  • Alberta Skilled Workforce
  • Alberta International Alumni
  • Alberta Semi-Skilled Workforce
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