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Experienced federal workers return to work

کارگران باتجربه فدرال

Permanent Residence in Canada: Last week, Immigrants, Refugees and Citizens of Canada (IRCC) held the first lottery program of all their admissions since the beginning of the Corona virus outbreak.

Before imposing travel restrictions in Canada to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the federal government considered accepting letters from all eligible candidates during the two-week lottery.

This means that the program qualifies experienced federal workers (FSWP), categorized experiments in Canada (CEC), the Federal Experimental Trading Program (FSTP), and the Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)All have the chance to prepare an Invitation for Permanent Request (ITA) Of course, if their residency CRS score meets IRCC requirements.

When Canada introduced coronavirus travel restrictions, however, the IRCC began a PNP- and CEC-specific draw, and many FSWP and FSTP candidates were disappointed.

In 2019, the FSWP accounted for 45% of all ITAs issued by the IRCC. CEC came in second with 36%, followed by PNP with 18% and FSTP with 1%.

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انواع ویزای کانادا

Why is it right to resume FSWPsettlement?

The IRCC’s rationale for the special lotteries was that CEC and PNP candidates were likely to be in Canada, so they would face fewer coronavirus challenges during the permanent residency application and landing process.

This logical reason was problematic for several reasons.

A candidate’s physical location in the world It is not clear what eligibility programs they are eligible for. A candidate can qualify for the CEC but is currently living abroad. Meanwhile, an FSWP candidate can now live in Canada. The FSWP and FSTP candidates were not fair, while other overseas candidates had been providing ITA security since March.

Second, the IRCC permanent residency processing standard for candidates who have successfully registered is six months or less. This gives overseas candidates, such as FSWP candidates, ample opportunity to move on possible coronavirus disorders to apply for full permanent residence, and hopefully complete their arrival in Canada (assuming flights are readily available and Canada is restricted). Reduces your travel expenses).

Even if a successful FSWP faces obstacles in the coming months, it is clear that the IRCC will accommodate as many candidates as possible so that candidates can achieve their immigration goals.

Hence, there are few reasons to exclude FSWP candidates in the first place.

Third, the main reason for accepting admission is that Canada wants to achieve a competitive immigration process in which top-ranked candidates have an ITA. Logic says this approach is fairer for candidates because they are treated the same everywhere, and is the best option for Canada because it selects candidates who are most likely to succeed in their economies.

While it is understandable that the coronavirus has led to a change in Canadian immigration policy, it is unfortunate that we have been temporarily barred from direct immigration.

FSWP candidates are great for the Canadian economy because of their high level of human capital. In fact, recent Canadian government research shows that FSWP candidates, just like CEC and PNP candidates, integrate well into the Canadian economy.

It is unfortunate that Canada has excluded such strong immigration candidates in recent months. Such FSWP candidates may be punished for a variety of reasons. For example, a candidate who has won an ITA may lose a CRS score after one year of promotion during the special lottery.

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Am I eligible for direct admission?

What does all this mean for current candidates for direct admission?

PNP names are not affected by returning to other programs, as 600 points using the provincial nomination typically guarantees that an ITA will be issued.

There is tension between the CEC and FSWP candidates. In CEC-specific draws, CRS scores are reduced.

While before the epidemic, the CRS was 471, it fell to 431 in the last CEC special lottery on June 25.

CRS crashed because the FSWP eligible tape is higher than the CEC.

To be eligible for the FSWP program, a candidate must obtain at least a CLB 7 on their official language test, and they must receive an ECA for their foreign education.

In addition, FSWP candidates can earn additional points for their spouse’s language skills.

On the other hand, CEC candidates with NOC B experience may be eligible for Express Entry with CLB 5 and CEC candidates do not need to obtain ECA to receive inbound co-payments.

These reasons help us understand why the FSWP tends to reduce CRS slices when the IRCC draws all the programs.

Why should it be celebrated for the new lottery?

چگونه برای مهاجرت به کانادا به عنوان یک دندانپزشک انتخاب می شوم

The coronavirus, a pandemic that has spread unexpectedly around the world during 2020, and likewise, no one knows what the future holds.

However, the IRCCcontinues to make every effort to reassure immigrant candidates. Last week’s lottery is evidence of how the IRCCevenly returns candidates for direct admission, regardless of what is happening in the world right now.

This means that FSWPcandidates do not hesitate to enter the shared sharing facility so that they can easily exit at any time. Despite the onset of the epidemic, candidates can complete the IELTSor CELPIPtest and obtain the ECA.

CECcandidates may worry that it will be more difficult to obtain an ITAright now. On the other hand, they should not be unaware of the fact that they are direct incoming candidates because of their Canadian experience. In addition, they should not forget that during the special lottery, they had a significant advantage over the FSWP candidates. Third, CECcandidates should also not miss the opportunity to hold a special CEClottery again during the epidemic.

Every immigrant candidate wants to be treated fairly, so a tie to the whole program is the fairest way to deal with those in direct admission incentives.
Imagine how upset the CECcandidates would be if the IRCConly held a special FSWPlottery. Therefore, the return of all programs to the lottery should be celebrated by the candidates.

⚜️The last main reason for last week's lottery celebration is that it shows that we are close to normal.⚜️

✅ The IRCCbelieves that the migration system will return to normal in the coming months.

✅ The IRCCwould not have resumed FSWP invitations if it was unsure of its ability to process permanent residency applications within the specified time, and FSWP and other overseas candidates could not travel to Canada in the near future.

Being a candidate for the CEC, FSWP, PNPor FSTPrequires a return to a normal immigration system and a normal world, something we all desperately want.

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