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Saskatchewan is inviting 858 Express Entry candidates and job applications

Saskatchewan has issued 4,704 invitations in the past six weeks.

Saskatchewan finished October with another big draw for immigrant candidates in the Express Entry subgroups and job applications.

858 Invitations on October 31st with a Big Six-Week Chain Lottery through the Popular Immigrant Ways of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Candidate Program (SINP), which does not require any of the “Saskatchewan Job Offer” or “Canadian Work Experience” requirements. Was not, was issued.

The SINP Express Entry Subgroup is affiliated with the Federal Express Entry System, which manages a set of candidates for three categories of Canadian Federal Skilled Immigration, which includes the following: Federal Skilled Workers Group, Federal Skills Jobs Group and Experience Group in Canada.

The job category is open to immigrant candidates who do not have an Express Entry profile.

11 lotteries from September 25 and more than 4700 invitations

11 قرعه کشی از 25 سپتامبر و بیش از 4700 دعوت نامه

Since September 25, SINP has held six selection rounds through the Express Entry subgroup and five for job applicants.

During these 11 terms, a total of 4,704 invitations were issued to provincial candidates in both subgroups.

The lottery follows SNIP’s approval of a new approach to jobs that are considered eligible under the two subsets. Both require at least one year of experience in one of the Saskatchewan-requested jobs related to their field of study, among other criteria.

The transfer of SINP payment from the list of restricted jobs to the list of deprived jobs in mid-September dramatically increased the number of eligible jobs from 19 to more than 200.

October 31 lottery for 58 job candidates: Human Resources Specialists, Information Systems Analysts and Consultants, Database Analysts and Data Supervisors, Design Technicians and Technologists, Inspectors and Aircraft Mechanics

To be considered a provincial candidate through any of the subgroups, they must file an EOI for Saskatchewan.

Eligible candidates for both subgroups will receive a score of 100 based on the SINP International Skills Workforce Skills Scoreboard, based on factors such as age, education, skilled work experience, English or French language skills, and communication with Saskatchewan. Are considered to give this score.

Candidates with the highest rankings will be invited to apply through regular lotteries organized by SINP.

All eligible Express Entry candidates and job applications with a score of 69 or higher are invited to draw on October 31st. SINP also selected eligible candidates with a score of 68 and 10 years of experience and language skills in English or French at CLB 7 or higher.

Express Entry applicants applying for the Saskatchewan Provincial Candidate will receive an additional 600 points over their Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) score, effectively securing an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

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