Refusal to immigrate to Canada

مدارک شناسایی و مسافرتی به کانادا

One of the major problems of immigration in Canada is non-acceptance. Refusing to immigrate to Canada is an immigration issue that basically means banning one from entering the country. There are several reasons fornot being accepted to immigrate to Canada, most of which are related to medical issues or criminal history.

It is important to note that refusal to immigrate to Canada applies to all applicants who have applied for immigration to Canada. If one of your family members accompanies you to Canada or is included in your visa application, all applications and all family members included in that application will be rejected if there are unacceptable criminal or medical problems. While non-acceptance can be an obstacle to immigrating to Canada, there are ways one can overcome those problems and get permission to enter the country.

Non-criminal admission

عدم پذیرش کیفری

If a person has been convicted or committed a crime in their home country and the offense is equivalent to Canadian law, that person may not be allowed to enter Canada because of that crime. It is important to note that all crimes and convictions make entry into Canada unacceptable. These crimes must be serious. One of the main reasons for non-criminal admission is the DUI charge. People who have recently had one or more convictions for drunk driving are more likely to stay away from Canada. Other offenses that can lead to criminal misconduct include theft, reckless driving, and assault.

Did you know?

A DUI conviction can make it difficult to enter Canada for up to 10 years from the date of the sentence. After 10 years, you will be considered corrected.

Medical problems

On the other hand, a person can be considered unacceptable to enter Canada due to health reasons. If a person has a medical condition that poses a serious threat to the health or safety of Canadians, they will probably not be allowed to enter the country. For this reason, if an immigration officer determines that there is a potential increase in Canada’s demand for public health and public services after the person arrives, they will be barred from entering.

Temporary residence permit

مهاجرت به استان کبک

Non-acceptance is not equivalent to a permanent ban on entering Canada. There are other solutions to help people who have been rejected in Canada. One of these solutions is temporary residence permits. If a rejected person needs to enter Canada, while this need outweighs the risks of being in the country, they will be given a special permit that will allow them to stay for a specified period of time. Be in this country.