The most beautiful festivals in the world

Since every year a large number of people travel to different countries to see these beautiful festivals to get acquainted with the culture of different nations and share in their happiness, we decided to bring the most beautiful and attractive festivals in the world and the purpose of holding them to you good audience. Introduce the solution.

Celebrate color or holi

Since we Iranians celebrate spring every year and call it the rebirth of nature or Nowruz, it is not bad to know that in India, at the same time as spring, they hold a festival called Holi.

The people of India celebrate this beautiful day by throwing various colors that are like round and dry powders. The name of these colorful and dry balls is Golal.

The balls are made of colorful and beautiful flowers and fruits, which, contrary to expectations, are very useful for the skin.

It is interesting to know that one of the important elements of this fireworks celebration is. People announce by holding fireworks that Holika, the spirit of the devil, has perished.

Holi is a festival rooted in ancient India that has been practiced in India for centuries before Christ.

One of the remarkable points of this festival is that this celebration takes place after the full moon and they want to announce that now the rebirth of nature has raised its voice and the spirit of evil and the devil has disappeared and it is a time of joy and dancing.

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