At first glance, it may seem that the British seem quiet and dry, but the fact is that they are very kind and hospitable.

According to English customs, everyone should shake hands during periods and visits and meetings. Even children are no exception to this custom.

In the UK, when you invite someone home, you must bring a gift with you. This gift can be chocolate or even flowers.

When inviting to the dinner table, let them determine where you will sit because they may have a special place for you.

Be careful not to rest your elbows on the table while sitting at the dining table.

Never call a waiter or shake hands in a restaurant to call or shake hands. This is a disgusting move in the UK.

When eating, if you have not finished eating, cross your forks on a plate, making sure that the fork is on the knife.

Do not forget that the British are reluctant people and your excessive intimacy will worry them.

Their refusal has caused them to use words such as maybe, I guess, it is possible … in their interactions and sentences.

It is not bad to know that the English completely refrain from using your first name until they know you well.

Never insist on selling to a British person.

It is interesting to know that the favorite color of most Britons is happy, especially turquoise blue. Evidence has shown that the largest percentage of Queen Elizabeth’s dresses and hats in official ceremonies is dedicated to this color, and 13% to green.

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