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ارزیابی تاثیر بازار کار

The Federal Immigrant Risk Investment Program (IIVC) is looking for international investors with proven business skills and abilities that, while effectively integrating into society, will also help the Canadianeconomy. Eligible individuals will be given the opportunity to apply for an investment visa, and eligible applicants and their families will be granted permanent residency in Canada.

The application is closed:

This application is currently closed and will no longer accept applications from applicants.

Federal Risk Investment Program Requirements

To be eligible for the Federal Risk Investment Program, applicants must have a minimum personal net worth of C $ 10 million obtained through legal private sector investments or investments. Inheritance and asset prices are not counted as net assets. A thorough report on the details of your past and present jobs and investments, valid confirmation of your financial resources and the value of your personal net assets are required to be eligible to apply for an investment visa. In addition to the prerequisite value of $ 10 million in personal net assets, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Proficiency in English or French (reading, writing, speaking, listening) is achieved through a language proficiency test approved by an agency over the past 24 months.
  • Make a $ 2 million unsecured investment from your budget in the Federal Investment Fund.
  • Are you planning to stay in Canada or Canada except Quebec?
  • Have a high school diploma, diploma or certificate from a Canadian institution, or:
  • Have confirmation of the academic credit assessment report for foreign equivalents. Applicants with a net worth of C $ 50 million or more can apply for an exemption from training needs.

Unsecured investment

سرمایه گذاری بدون ضمانت

Unlike the federal investment program, which requires a guaranteed investment, the Immigrant Risk Investment Program requires $ 2 million in unsecured investment over 15 years. Depending on the performance of the IIVC Fund, applicants may lose part or all of their investment, or may receive interest over time or at the end of the course.