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Yukon County, Canada

استان یوکان

Yukon Canada’s labor market, a city of more than 30,000 people, needs skilled foreign workers to meet the high demand for skilled and semi-skilled jobs.

The Yukon Provincial Program (YNP), one of Canada’s Provincial Candidate Program (PNP), is a set of immigration routes that enable foreign nationals to become permanent residents of Canada. The Yukon Range runs several migration routes:

  • Yukon Skilled Workforce
  • Express Entry Yukon
  • Yukon Critical Workforce
  • Yukon Business Candidate

Yukan Skilled Worker

The Yukon Skilled Workforce Program allows experienced and skilled foreign nationals who have a valid job offer from a Yukon employer to apply for that province. Receiving a provincial candidate in this way allows the candidate to apply directly for permanent residence in Canada through the IRCC.

Yukon Express Entry

The Yukon Express Entry stream gives applicants an active Express Entry profile, a credible job offer from an employer, and the opportunity to apply for a Yukon Provincial Candidate. This program is implemented in line with the Federal Express Entry immigration system and accelerates the process of processing the immigration application of successful applicants.

The Yukon influential workforce will give qualified, semi-skilled and experienced workers the opportunity to receive a provincial candidate, along with a credible job offer from a Yukon employer. Receiving a provincial candidate from this process allows the candidate to apply directly for permanent residence in Canada through the IRCC.

Yukon Business Candidate

The Yukon Business Candidate stream is a permanent residency for people with business and entrepreneurial experience who are interested in owning and running a business in the Yukon. Applicants must have at least C $ 500,000 in addition to meeting other program requirements.

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