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Low-skilled workers are not granted a UK visa

به نیروی کار کم مهارت ویزای انگلستان تعلق نمی گیرد

on schedule Immigration revealed by the government after the 2020 referendum Low-skilled workers are not granted a UK visa.
This encourages employers to avoid relying on cheap labor from the EU and to invest in personnel retention and the development of automation technology.

Following the end of the free UK-EU summit on 31 December, the Home Office announced that EU and non-EU citizens entering the UK would be treated equally.
<< “A” hostile environment “makes it difficult to recruit workers.>>
But Home Secretary Peril Patel told the BBC Morning News: << The government is determined to encourage the right people with the right skills and talent and reduce the level of low-skilled people coming to the UK.He added that trade and jobs are also through the eight million potentially economically inactive workers in the UK.>>
But the SNP called it a “ridiculous or dangerous idea”; Because many of these people in this group are sick or injured.

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Who has the skills?

چه کسی مهارت دارد؟

Because low-skilled workers are not granted a UK visa According to this plan, it is better to know the definition of skilled labor better. Skilled labor includes educated people up to the equivalent of the Scottish equivalent of level A, not just the graduate level, as it currently exists. Waiting lists and certain types of farm labor are excluded from the new skills category. But new items including carpentry, plastering and childcare are added to this category.

how it works?

The government wants to introduce a “privileged” immigration system, as promised in the Conservative election declaration.
Under the plan, foreign nationals can work in the UK for up to 70 points.

Speaking English and having a skill job offer with a “certified sponsor” gives them 50 points. More points are awarded for being eligible to be paid on the offer and to work in a department that is in short supply.

Although low-skilled workers are not granted a UK visa But now the workforce in the EU Economic Zone has the automatic right to live and work in the UK, regardless of salary or skill level. The government says it will end on December 31 when The transition period of 11 months after the referendum is over.

Payment levels

The salary threshold for skilled workers wishing to come to the UK will be reduced from 00 30,000 to 6 25,600.

However, the government says the salary threshold for these individuals for “specific shortage occupations” that currently include nursing, civil engineering, psychology and classical ballet or those with a doctorate in a particular job is at least 20,480. The pound will arrive.

But there will no longer be as many vacancies as all the skilled workers who can enter Britain.

Problems ahead for social care

مشکلات پیش رو برای مراقبت های اجتماعی

New immigration programs that do not apply to low-skilled UK visa workers It poses a problem for adult social care. Most people working in this sector are low-income workers. They are responsible for providing day-to-day services to disabled and elderly adults in home and social care.
Foreign workers make up one-sixth of the UK’s 840,000 strong labor watchdogs. It is difficult to know how these workers can qualify in the future.

What about low-income sectors?

The government said it would not provide a path for low-income or low-skilled workers, and that applicant businesses would be asked to adjust by the end of the free meeting between the UK and the EU. Instead, it announced that 3.2 million EU citizens applying for residency in the UK can help meet the needs of the workforce.
But agencies representing agriculture, hospitality and nursing warn that recruiting under the new system will be difficult.
The Royal College of Nurses said the proposals “do not meet the health needs of the people”.
The president of the National Union of Farmers, Mint Butters, raised “serious concerns” about the “lack of recognition of British food and agricultural needs.”
And the Food and Beverage Federation has expressed concern about bakers, meat processors and workers preparing food such as cheese and pasta, who are not eligible under the new system. Despite announcing that Low-skilled workers are not granted a UK visa the government noted the quadrupling of seasonal agricultural workers to 10,000 people for the project, as well as “youth mobility arrangements”, which allows 20,000 young people to come to the UK each year.

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Salary benefits

Under the plan, all immigrants can only access income benefits after being granted unlimited leave to stay, usually after five years. At present, EU citizens in the UK can be granted “economic activity” Take advantage. Non-EU nationals can take advantage of a permanent loan as soon as they become permanent residents, usually after five years of legal residence in the UK.

Comment Laura

Laura, an Italian living in London, says the government’s proposals based on not granting a British visa to low-skilled workers are “short-sighted”. He is now the Director of Communications but worked as a waiter when he arrived in the UK in 2015. Laura says if they were there at the time, she would not have been able to meet the new concession requirements.
“Through the complete dismissal of low-skilled workers, it cannot be acknowledged that ‘people who start at a lower skill level are more likely to progress over time, thus increasing their tax share,'” he said. .
Low-skilled labor is as essential to any economy as high-skilled people.

What is the relevant political reaction?

Minority Party Minister Diane Abbott said the government had no idea what the policy would affect the economy and what message it would have for the migrants who now live and work here. These suggestions are rooted in “xenophobia.”
And Scotland’s first minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said the plans would be “devastating” to the Scottish economy.

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