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Business Visa for Turkish Citizens

Family members

Your family members (“dependents”) can come to the UK with you on this visa.

“Affiliates” include any of the following:

  • Your partner
  • Your child under the age of 21 (including children born in the UK)

Documents you must provide

اسنادی که باید ارائه دهید

The following must be provided for each family member:

  • Current passport or other valid travel ID
  • 2 color passport size photos
  • Proof of your relationship, for example marriage certificate, evidence that you live together, ID card |
  • Prove your life together permanently
  • Evidence that if you go to the UK alone (father or mother only and not both) with your child under the age of 21, you take on all the responsibilities. For example, a written permit or a legal document
  • Prove that you can financially support yourself and the dependents you bring with you during your stay. For example bank statements or payroll for the last 6 months |
  • If you are in a country where you need to have a TB test, it should have its own test results.

If your dependent is in the UK and you have been asked to register with the police when you arrive, you will also need to obtain a police registration certificate.

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Applicant affiliates from outside the UK

If you are currently in the UK and want your family to join you, they must apply online.

They must go to a visa application center to get their fingerprints and photo (known as “biometric information”).

They may be able to get their visa faster or benefit from services that depend on their country.

Applicant relatives in the UK

You can do any of the following:

  • Include your dependents in your visa program
  • Ask your relatives to apply separately

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